County Issues Precautionary Water Closure

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County Issues Precautionary Water Closure

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UPDATE: The County has lifted the beach closures for Silver Strand and Coronado.

County Issues Precautionary Water Closure for Coronado
Various City Tests Near Closure Date Reveal Water was Clean

CORONADO, CA (January 20, 2019) -- County health officials extended a beach closure from the border to include Coronado on Wednesday, January 16. However, it should be noted that several beach water samples taken by the City in the days before and after the closure indicated the water was within acceptable limits.

The City and County will continue to test the waters, which may be reopened as early as Monday, January 21.

The County issued the closure on Wednesday, January 16, and advised avoiding water contact due to sewage-contaminated runoff from the Tijuana River. 

The Coronado closure initiated by the County was a precautionary measure, and was not based on water quality sample results. County officials tracked known sewage flows from Tijuana. Sample results for the Silver Strand did exceed acceptable limits. However, four beach water samples taken by the City this week throughout the Coronado shoreline all tested within acceptable limits.

The City sampled water at Avenida del Sol on Wednesday, January 16, the day of the closure, and results indicated the water was within acceptable limits, as confirmed by County officials. Water from both Avenida del Sol and Silver Strand are sampled on Tuesday, a permit requirement for San Diego, and results from January 15 were within acceptable limits.

Additionally, Coronado took samples on Monday, January 14, at North Beach to fulfill its required wet-weather sampling program. Those results came back within acceptable limits. Finally, Coronado took samples on Thursday, January 17, at Avenida del Sol, Central Beach and North Beach. Results have come back within acceptable limits.

During discussions with the County on Wednesday, the County indicated it would sample Sunday, January 20, all of the Coronado’s shoreline, as well as the area south of the City’s jurisdiction, Silver Strand, with results expected Monday, January 21. The earliest possible reopening is Monday, January 21.

Please note that if the beach reopens, the County advises beach goers to avoid water contact for 72 hours following rain.


Monday, January 14

North Beach

Acceptable limits

Tuesday, January 15

Del Sol

Acceptable limits

Wednesday, January 16

Coronado shoreline

County directed closure

Thursday, January 17

Del Sol, Central Beach, North Beach

Acceptable limits



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Posted on 01/20/2019
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