Weekly Update May 1, 2020

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Weekly Update May 1, 2020

Weekly Update May 1, 2020

Weekly UpdateCheck out the City Manager’s Weekly Update video. If you are interested in receiving an emailed notice of the Weekly Update, sign up for eNotifications on the City’s website, enter your email address and click on Weekly Update and any other documents you would like to receive.

Golf Course Update: If you have been enjoying walking or running on the Coronado Municipal Golf Course while it has been closed, the City wants you to know that it will be reopened for limited play as of today, Friday, May 1. This means that it is no longer safe on the course, even on the outskirts. San Diego County relaxed restrictions for parks and golf courses this week. The City was required to submit a physical distancing and safety plan to the County’s public health officer to allow play to resume. Golfers will be required to have a pre-reserved tee time prior to entering the parking lot. Call the Golf Course at (619) 522-6590 and follow the prompt to make a reservation. Cashless transactions must be conducted through a side service window. Golfers may not use golf carts at this time, nor a bag stand. They must maintain social distancing and leave when the round is complete.

Golf Course Sign



Beach Reopened This Week: This past Monday, April 27, the City reopened its beach to running and walking from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and both the City and Port of San Diego approved surfing, swimming and kayaking in local ocean and bay waters. The coordinated plan was developed by regional lifeguards and police agencies and was dependent on when the County’s public health official determined it was safe. Last Friday, April 24, the health officer announced it was safe to open beaches and bays. The county’s decision to also reduce restrictions at parks will allow visitors to sit by themselves or within a household unit and have a picnic. The City will follow the county’s lead.

Beach no parking signs


Beach Hours: Although San Diego County avoided having its beach closed by the state, unlike Orange County, the City is asking beachgoers to continue to follow the rules. You may not loiter, sit or lay on the beach or gather in groups of any size. These activities could be lifted in the next phase of reopenings if people maintain the required social distancing and sanitation, follow current rules and leave the beach by 6 p.m.

Beach Hour flier



City Reopens Glorietta Bay Boat Launch Ramp: The Glorietta Bay Boat Launch Ramp will reopen Friday, May 1, after the Port of San Diego announced it would reopen boat launch ramps it operates in National City and at Shelter Island on May 1. Recreational boating will open at these facilities for vessels on which all occupants are members of the same household and to comply with San Diego County’s updated public health order to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. Parking remains restricted around Coronado's boat launch ramp, the beach and park. Since the County has not lifted its parking restrictions, boaters should be advised that trailers by themselves or attached to a car (defined as an oversized vehicle) are not permitted to park on any City street for more than three consecutive hours. Signs have been placed on City streets surrounding the boat launch ramp and parking restrictions will be enforced.

Boat Launch Ramp two images



Face Coverings Required as of May 1: Starting Friday, May 1, San Diego County health officials announced that face coverings must be worn in public settings in a variety of settings such as shopping in a store, picking up food, riding on public transportation and anywhere one comes within six feet of another person. Face coverings are not required at home, in the car alone, walking, running or bicycling with a minimum of six feet of distance from other people.  It is best to have a face covering with you to the extent possible.

Cover Your Face flier

How to Wear a Face Mask Covering       


LifeLine Loans: The City Council approved the Lifeline Business Loan Program on April 21. Implementation of the Lifeline Business Loans is progressing rapidly. Within a week, City staff has developed application forms and loan agreements. The Coronado Chamber of Commerce is serving as the portal to issue and receive loan applications. On April 24, loan applications become available and, as of May 1, a week later, 53 loan applications have been received and 49 loans approved. Funds should begin to be dispersed May 1. Applications are available through the Coronado Chamber of Commerce. Contact Sue Gillingham at [email protected]  or (619) 435-9260. 

Business Lifeline Loan Program


Avenida Del Sol ImprovementsThe City issued a right of way permit for construction of the Avenida del Sol improvements associated with the Hotel del Coronado’s ongoing master plan development and entrance relocation to Avenida del Sol. These improvements will reconstruct the majority of Avenida del Sol, raising the elevation of the cul de sac by several feet so the roadway drains towards state Route 75. Improvements also include various utility relocations and installations as well as the construction of a new signalized intersection with SR-75.

Del New Entrance



Coastal CampusThe contractor on the Coastal Campus Sewer Main project opened up the section of the Bayshore Bikeway that was detoured onto the shoulder of state route 75 near its new entrance. The K-rail that protected bike path users around the detour has been removed. The contractor is continuing restoration and clean-up efforts along both sides of the bike path to repair the damaged vegetation.


Third, Fourth, and I Avenue Storm Drain Project: The contractor on the Third, Fourth and I Avenue Storm Drain project began pulverizing the roadway over the construction trench along I Avenue between First and Fourth streets. Next week it is anticipated the contractor will begin pipe installation near the intersection of First Street and I Avenue.


Annual Tree Trimming to Begin: The City’s tree trimming contractor will be starting its annual tree trimming service on Tuesday, May 5, for publicly owned trees in the area bounded by Alameda Boulevard, Orange Avenue and Fourth and Seventh streets. This year’s area is Sector 4 and is outlined in the map below. The City asks residents to please be aware of no-parking signs throughout the sector and plan ahead. There are approximately 875 trees to be trimmed in Sector 4. The work may take up to 90 days. The tree trimming contractor will have a crew of about five members with several large trucks moving throughout the area. 

Tree Trimming both maps



Board, Commission, Committee Vacancies: The following position is open on the Cultural Arts Commission (one vacancy). Applications are being accepted for this position. Responsibilities of each commission/committee, qualifications for appointment, term of office, and deadline for receipt of applications can be found on the bottom of the City’s Boards, Commissions and Committees page.




Library Conversion:  The Library has begun converting its collection from a barcode to a Radio Frequency Identification system. The new system allows multiple books to be checked out or processed by staff in a stack, as opposed to opening each item to find a barcode and running it under a light. This results in much more efficient workflow and shorter checkout lines. The Library also is installing two self-checkout machines so patrons can serve themselves, improve privacy and avoid lines. Where these machines are offered along-side staff-assisted checkout, between 70% and 90% of checkouts are at the self-check stations. The Radio Frequency ID system also allows staff to use time-saving devices to check that books are in the correct order on the shelves, quickly capture “on hold” items and avoid errors such as putting items on the shelf that have not been properly checked in. The project to individually tag and convert all 200,000 items in the Library will take through the end of May.

Library Conversion in Progress



Mother’s Day Card Drive: In celebration of Mother’s Day, the Coronado Recreation Department is asking Coronado school children to create a homemade Mother’s Day card for local mothers and grandmothers who may not be able to see their children or grandkids this holiday. The cards will be delivered or mailed before the holiday to someone who lives alone or lives or works in a local nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital. Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, so Recreation staff will need cards right away. When making the card, be creative, thoughtful and write from the heart. Think of it as a simple way to make a big difference in someone’s life. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Contact the Coronado Call Center at (619) 522-6380 if you have any questions. Place your handmade card in an unsealed envelope in a larger mailing envelope before sending. See details below.

Mother's Day Card Drive


2020 Series - Celebrating Coronado Artists: Coronado is displaying colorfu l art banners that celebrate local artists. The banners are installed in the medians along Orange Avenue from First Street to Avenida de las Arenas through June. The Cultural Arts Commission supports local artists through this annual banner series, which highlights a variety of Coronado artists and styles. The banners are the fourth set in a series funded through the Discover Coronado Community Grant Program. Thirty images representing as many artists are included in the display. Fifteen banners are selected each year to be displayed for two years. To see the artist banners from all four years and to learn about the artists visit www.CoronadoArts.com. For more information on the program contact Kelly Purvis at (619) 522-2633 or [email protected].

Rose Banner

Artist Banner images


COVID-19 Information: The City is working diligently to provide the latest news and information on the coronavirus pandemic. The City issues a newsletter twice a week with news, resources, features and information on how Coronado is working to help stop the spread of the virus. To subscribe to the COVID-19 Update, click on this link to see a copy of the newsletter than hit subscribe and provide your email address. News may also be found on the City’s website: www.coronado.ca.us. You can follow the City on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and check the Coronavirus Information webpage to get City updates throughout the day and weeks.

COVID-19 Page

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Posted on 05/01/2020
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