Food Waste

Food Waste

Food waste is a national issue which affects San Diego County in a distinct manner.  In San Diego County 500,000 people live in poverty; at the same time about 500,000 tons of food is wasted every year.  Recent California legislation, AB 1826 and SB 1383, require progressively less food waste to landfill and increased donation of wholesome, edible food from businesses and from residents.

Although planning efforts are underway, in San Diego County there are not yet robust systems in place to compost or digest food waste. This creates a timely and unique opportunity to work on source reduction and donation as priority first steps before new infrastructure and systems are realized, which is a preferred strategy that addresses highest and best use of materials, waste reduction, economic development, and hunger in our communities.

San Diego Food System Alliance

The City of Coronado participates in the Save the Food San Diego, a county-wide food waste awareness partnership that leverages the national "Save The Food" public service campaign.

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