Computer Use Policy

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Coronado Public Library
Computer Use Policy

By using Library computers, you agree to the following policies.  Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of your computer use privileges.

1. Files are not permanently saved on the computer. All files are deleted after your session ends.  If you want to save files you MUST save them to a USB device, e-mail them to yourself or save to personal storage on the Internet. The Library is not responsible for the loss of files not saved properly.  

2. Security of personal information is not guaranteed.  The Library is not responsible for the security of your personal information displayed or transmitted on public computers.  However, the Library has taken reasonable steps to ensure that each computer is isolated from other public computers on the network and that any information you display is erased after your session is completed. 

3. Library computers are not filtered; however, you cannot display text or graphics that may be legally defined by Federal or State law as obscenity or child pornography.

4. All applicable US Federal and State copyright laws must be obeyed.

5. Computer hardware or software must not be modified in any way. This includes downloading and installing programs or plug-ins on this computer.

6. The Library does not provide e-mail.  To use e-mail, you must have your own Internet based e-mail account. Ask the reference librarian for a list of free e-mail sites.

7. Printing costs 15¢ per page. You must login to the print station with the same card number you logged in on the computer to view files waiting to be printed. Money must be inserted in the cash box before the printer will start printing.  Ask for help is you are unsure of how to print.

8. Please respect other people’s privacy and do not look at their monitor screens. 

9. Use of the Library public computers is on a first-come, first-served basis.  It is your responsibility to leave the computer when it times out.

10. Misuse of the Library public computers or Internet access may result in the loss of your computer use privileges. 

(Policy established 6/15/18)
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