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Seaforth Boat Rentals

Subfacility of Glorietta Bay Marina

The Glorietta Bay Marina includes a recreational vessel rental and public access dock component operated by Seaforth Boat Rentals. Seaforth provides year-round temporary public access at its dock for up to eight hours per day on a first-come, first-served basis for public vessels, dinghies, chartered cruises and water taxis. Temporary public access is provided from sunrise to sunset. Temporary berthing is provided to water taxis free of charge. Other users must pay a docking fee. Seaforth also provides "dock and dine" opportunities for boaters who would like to dock temporarily while they eat in Coronado.

For overnight docking, please contact the Glorietta Bay Marina Office at 619-453-5203. For more information about temporary docking fees, "dock and dine" fees, boat/vessel rentals or any other service provided by Seaforth Boat Rentals please call 619-437-1514.