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Staff 51-100 of 151
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Gonzalez, Maria Police Services Officer Police Department 619-522-2443
Gonzalez, Paulina     619-522-7380
Good, Jordan Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Guerrero, Jose        
Gutzmer, Jade Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Hall, Darren Fire Captain     619-522-7376
Hamilton, Darren Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Harris, Mark Sergeant - Patrol Police Department 619-522-7352
Herrera, Maria Management Assistant   619-522-7380
Hima, Eric Sergeant - Backgrounds/Senior Volunteer Patrol Police Department 619-522-2444
Hingeley, David Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Hingeley, Eric Fire Engineer     619-522-7374
Hogueisson, Larry Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Hurley, Jason Detective Police Department 619-522-2648
Hurst, Rachel Director of Community Development, Redevelopment Services and Housing Community Development 619-522-7326
Hurtado, Jacqueline Dectective Police Department 619-522-7356
Huth, Rhonda Senior Management Analyst Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-2426
Ihde, Brandon Firefighter Paramedic Fire Department 619-522-2428
James, Keith Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Johnson, Dave Assistant Engineer Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-2425
Keamy, Adriana Office Specialist Community Development 619-522-2410
Kean-Ayub, Nadia Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
Kennedy, Ryan Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Kilburn, Randy Building Inspector Community Development 619-522-2412
Laabs, Bard Reserve Sergeant Police Department 619-522-7350
Langlais, Marc Police Sergeant Police Department 619-522-7350
Ledferd, Richard Facilities Leadworker     619-522-7319
Lowe, Evan Beach Lifeguard Sergeant   619-522-2626
Lyon, Cecilia Management Analyst   619-522-7380
Main, Julie Office Specialist Fire Department   619-522-7374
Mannello, Sherri Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
Mansker, Aaron Detective Police Department 619-522-2649
Martinez, Leticia Administrative Assistant   619-522-2496
Matey, Brandon Firefighter Paramedic     619-522-2428
Maurer, Cliff Director of Public Services   619-522-7380
McArthur, Kim Dispatcher Police Department 619-522-7350
McGehee, Dan Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
McGrath, James Wastewater Leadworker     619-522-7317
McKay, Mitch Police Lieutenant Police Department 619-522-2445
McPherson, Dana      
Mendoza, Angel        
Mitchell, Matthew Sergeant - Investigations Police Department 619-522-2620
Modeen, Bill Battalion Chief Fire Department   619-522-7375
Morales, Martin      
Morris, Christopher Head of Circulation Library 619-522-2472
Murillo, Sandra Property & Evidence Technician Police Department 619-522-7345
Navallez, Marcel Maintenance Worker II   619-522-7318
Newton, Jim Principal Engineer Engineering & Capital Projects 619-522-7313
O'Malley, Pat Police Officer Police Department 619-522-7350
O'Neill, Shawn Sergeant Police Department 619-522-7350
Staff 51-100 of 151