Sewer Laterals

As stated in the Coronado Municipal Code, Title 60, private sewer service laterals, up to and including the connection to the City sewer main line, are the responsibility of property owner.

Coronado Municipal Code Title 60.04.020 Definition 17 states, "Lateral" shall mean a pipe or other conduit that transports sewage from a source to a collector maim, said main being located in a public right-of-way 60. The installation, maintenance and operation of a lateral shall be the responsibility of the property owner including the lateral connection to the public collector main.

Restaurant Responsibility: Food Establishment Waste Discharge Program (FEWD)

Restaurants are required under Municipal Code 60.04.144 to install and maintain appropriate grease removal equipment. Annually, City staff performs inspections on these facilities to ensure equipment is in proper working condition and to verify grease removal equipment is being cleaned on a regular basis. If it is determined the restaurant is in compliance with our FEWD program, the City will issue a FEWD permit. Compliance is mandatory. If it is determined a restaurant does not have an adequate cleaning cycle, the City will establish a cleaning schedule and perform regular inspections upon that restaurant to ensure grease removal equipment is being serviced appropriately; ultimately preventing sewer spills.

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