Coronado Tennis Center Project

Coronado Tennis Center Project

Date of Record: 2016-04-06

Construction began in July 2010 and was completed in May 2011.  The general contractor was The Augustine Company.

The project included construction of a new office, scheduling office, shop, kitchen/social gathering space, and tennis court viewing area.  There is also a separate building housing restrooms and storage space.  To the east of the tennis courts is an outside social gathering space with tables and chairs, barbecue, and shade structure.  The building meets the Green Building Council's LEED silver certificate level.

Improvements to the tennis courts  included removal of the old lights and installation of new lights similar to those  installed at the Library tennis courts.  Also, all the court surfaces had cracks and raised areas repaired and new surface coatings applied. 

The project totals 2,322 square feet.

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