Council Actions April 18, 2017

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Council Actions April 18, 2017

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City Council Actions from April 18, 2017





a.         Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda.  (Pg 5) Approved.


*b.         Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budget for FY 2016-2017.  (Pg 7) Approved.


c.         Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Contract with Downstream Services, Inc. for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $376,750 for the Cays Sewer Main Cleaning Project.  (Pg 55) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the contract.



d.         Update on Actions Taken in Response to the Glorietta Sewer Main Emergency Repairs and Request for Vote to Continue the Repairs.  (Pg 57) The Council accepted the report and voted to continue the repairs to address the emergency.


e.         Adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado Approving the 2017 Coronado Apartment Vacancy Factor Pursuant to Subsection 82.40.100(F) of the Coronado Municipal Code.  (Pg 63) The Council adopted the resolution, finding the Apartment Vacancy Factor for 2017 is 1 percent, which does not allow apartment-to-condominium conversions.


f.          Approve Canceling the July 4 and August 1 Regularly Scheduled City Council Meetings.  (Pg 67) The Council canceled the July 4 and August 1 City Council meetings consistent with past practice.


g.         Appointment of Councilmember Mike Donovan to the Grand Caribe Task Force.  (Pg 71) The Council appointed Councilmember Donovan to serve as the City’s representative to the Grand Caribe Task Force.


h.         Accept a $3,000 Donation from the Glorietta Bay Inn for the Purpose of Purchasing Furniture, Fixtures or Any Items that are Needed for the John D. Spreckels Center.  (Pg 73) The Council accepted the donation of $3,000 from the Glorietta Bay Inn and authorized the expenditure of funds, as needed, for the John D. Spreckels Center in Fiscal Year 2017.


  1. Adoption of a Resolution Ratifying the Arts Administrator Professional Services Agreement.  (Pg 77) The Council adopted a resolution ratifying the Professional Services Agreement with Kelly Purvis as Arts Administrator.


j.          Award of Professional Services Contract to Brezack & Associates Planning in the Amount of $345,865 for the Development of Bridging Documents for a Recycled-Water Treatment Plant (RWTP) to be Located on the Coronado Municipal Golf Course and Appropriation of $250,000 to the Project Account.  (Pg 95) The Council authorized the City Manager to enter into the professional services agreement.


k.         Authorize the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement with Capital Advocacy for State Lobbyist Services.  (Pg 107) The Council authorized the City Manager to enter into a one-year agreement with an option for two, one-year extensions for state lobbyist services with the firm Capitol Advocacy.




a.         Public Hearing:  Approval of a Resolution Adopting a Revised Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program Fee to Mitigate the Impacts of Development of Residential Units on the San Diego Regional Transportation Arterial System for FY 2017/18.  (Pg 121) The Council held a public hearing and approved the resolution, increasing the Existing Uniform Transportation Mitigation Fee by two percent from $2,357 to $2,404.14 for each newly constructed residential unit.”




10.       CITY COUNCIL:


b.         Approval of the Annual Report/Management Plan from the Coronado Tourism Improvement District (CTID) Advisory Board and Adoption of a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado Declaring Its Intent to Continue to Levy Two One-Half Percent (0.5%) Assessments on Four Hotel Businesses within CTID I and CTID II during Fiscal Year 2017-18.  (Pg 131) The Council approved the annual report and management plan of the CTID Advisory Board and adopted the resolution, declaring its intention to continue to levy assessments during Fiscal Year 2017-18 on certain hotel businesses within Coronado Tourism Improvement District I and Coronado Tourism Improvement District II; and amended the Section 5 of the resolution by adding the words highlighted below:

“The City Council hereby declares that the types of activities to be funded by the levy of assessments against the assessed hotels within CTID I and II shall be activities “to enrich our community by positioning Coronado, and its resorts, as a premier meeting destination” in a way that directly benefits the assessed hotels and assists the local businesses as determined by the assessees located and operating within each CTID boundary.”


c.         Status Update on the Coronado Gateway Project.  (Pg 167) The Council provided direction to staff on retaining a graphic artist to assist in the development of a marquee entrance sign and initiation of an initial study.






a.         Legislative Correspondence Signed by the Mayor; Assembly Bill 342 (CHIU): Automated Speed Enforcement; to Include Coronado as a Participating Agency.  (Pg 169) The Council received the letter as an informational item.



Note: Items denoted by an asterisk (*) are related to the Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado.


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Posted on 04/20/2017
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