City Council Actions February 21, 2017

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City Council Actions February 21, 2017

City Council Actions from February 21, 2017



a.         Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda. (Pg 1) Approved.

*b.         Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budget for FY 2016-2017. (Pg 3) Approved.

c.         Award of Contract for Construction of the Stormwater Diverter Station Project to PK Mechanical Systems, Inc. in the Amount of $140,000. (Pg 83) The Council awarded the contract.

d.         Award of a Professional Engineering Design Services Contract to Psomas for a Not-to-Exceed Amount of $52,550 to Provide a Preliminary Design Report for the Parker Stormwater/Wastewater Pump Station.  (Pg 87) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the agreement with Psomas.

e.         Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Cooperative Purchase Agreement for an Amount Not to Exceed $65,000 for the Purchase of a Confined Space Trailer.  (Pg 105) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the purchase agreement.

f.          Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Sole Source Purchase Agreement for an Amount Not to Exceed $165,000 for the Equipment Remount and Outfitting of Ambulance Unit 5392. (Pg 107) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the sole source purchase agreement.


a.         Public Hearing:  Appeal of the Decision of the Historic Resource Commission to Require Reinstallation, or Replacement In Kind, of Historic Wood Windows in Association with a Historic Alteration Permit to Address Code Violations at the Historic Resource Located at 1115 Loma Avenue, Located in the R-1A (Single Family Residential) Zone (HAP 2016-07) (CE 1603-009) (Pg 111) The Council upheld the decision of the Historic Resource Commission providing a 12-month period to complete the required installation, or replacement-in-kind, of all historic wood windows.


10.       CITY COUNCIL:

b.         Consideration of Appointment to Fill One Vacancy on the Cultural Arts Commission.  (Pg 189) The Council appointed Maryellen McMahon to serve out the remainder of the current term, which expires December 31, 2018.

c.         Review and Establish Priorities for Fiscal Year 2017-2018.  (Pg 195) The Council reviewed tasks for Fiscal Year 2017-2018 and established priorities for staff. The Third and Fourth Streets Neighborhood Lighting and Avenue of Heroes Improvement project was highly ranked by three council members.

d.         City Management’s Approach, Principles, Applied Techniques and Timeline for Preparation and Implementation of the FY 2017-18 Financial Plan.  (Pg 201) The Council received a report on the recommended approach and principles for preparing the FY 2017-18 financial plan, and directed staff to work with the Council to schedule a budget workshop which is independent from the regularly scheduled Council meeting to discuss the budget, and to schedule award of the community grants after the budget is adopted, which will result in a fixed amount for community grants.

e.         Authorize the City Manager to Request that the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Initiate an Assessment of the Relinquishment of State Highways 75 and 282.  (Pg 209) The Council authorized the City Manager to request Caltrans initiate an assessment of the relinquishment of State Highway 75 and an assessment for State Highway 282, and directed staff to determine which traffic measures requested by the City and denied by Caltrans can be legally completed if the City owned SR 75/282. Council also directed staff to consider how to best assess the overall merits of relinquishment.

f.          Adoption of a Resolution to Designate a Red Curb/Stripe No Parking Zone Along a Portion of Port of Spain Road.  (Pg 215) The Council continued the item due to a noticing error.

g.         Adoption of a Resolution to Establish a Social Media Policy and Approve an Administrative Procedure.  (Pg 229) The Council adopted the resolution.

h.         Designate Two Members of the City Council to Work with Staff on the Review and Recommendation of a Lobbyist for State-Related Matters.  (Pg 245) The Council appointed Whitney Benzian and Bill Sandke to work with staff on the review and recommendation of a lobbyist for State-related matters.


Note: Items denoted by an asterisk (*) are related to the Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado.


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Posted on 02/24/2017
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