City Council Actions February 7, 2017

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City Council Actions February 7, 2017

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City Council Actions from February 7, 2017



a.         Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda.  (Pg 1)  Approved.

*b.         Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budget for FY 2016-2017.  (Pg 3)  Approved.

c.         Award of Contract to Evoqua Water Technologies in an Amount Not to Exceed $293,600 for Odor and Corrosion Control Management Services.  (Pg 69)  The Council awarded the contract.

d.         Approval of Request from Ben Hallowell for the City to Serve as Host of the Wounded Warrior Event in the Nautilus Room on Sunday, November 12, 2017.  (Pg 73)  Approved.

e.         Authorize the City Manager to Issue a Request for Proposals for Telephone System Replacement.  (Pg 77)  The Council authorized the City Manager to issue the Request for Proposals.

f.          Authorize a Scientifically Valid Citizen Satisfaction Survey using the International City/County Management Association National Citizen Survey Program.  (Pg 79)  The Council directed staff to return at a future meeting with additional survey options, including the National Citizen Survey, to allow the Council to decide whether to move forward with a survey with predetermined questions or more customized questions. 

g.         Review and Acceptance of the 2016 Street Tree Master Plan Update.  (Pg 87)  The Council reviewed and accepted the 2016 Street Tree Master Plan Update.


10.       CITY COUNCIL:

b.         Approve Changes to the Fiscal Year 2016-17 Budget at Mid-Year.  (Pg 185)  The Council received a report and approved the recommended mid-year budget adjustments.

c.         Consideration of Appointment to Fill Two Vacancies on the Transportation Commission and Consideration of Waiving Municipal Code Section 2.74.020(C) that Three Members Should be from the “Village.”  (Pg 203)  The Council appointed Darron D. Thompson to serve out the remainder of a term that will expire February 28, 2018; appointed Vicky Curry Lambert to serve a three-year term to expire February 29, 2020; and waived Municipal Code Section 2.74.020(C) that three members should be from the “Village.”

d.         Consideration of Appointment to Fill One Vacancy on the Parks and Recreation Commission.  (Pg 211)  The Council appointed Judith R. Mansfield to serve a three-year term to expire January 31, 2020.

e.         Appointment of a Councilmember to the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Bayshore Bikeway Working Group.  (Pg 227)  The Council appointed Councilman Mike Donovan to serve as the City’s representative to the SANDAG Bayshore Bikeway Working Group.

Note: Items denoted by an asterisk (*) are related to the Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado.


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Posted on 02/08/2017
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