Community Satisfaction Survey

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Community Satisfaction Survey

The City has proactively sought community feedback through a citizen satisfaction survey intended to provide local government officials with an understanding of the public’s sense of satisfaction and expectations.

The National Community Survey, conducted by the National Research Center/Polco, is a survey mailed to 1,200 randomly selected homes that typically provides a margin of error of +/- 5 percent.  

The first Coronado community survey was conducted in 2003. Surveys were conducted again in 2011, 2014 and 2018.

In February 2021, the City Council approved conducting a community survey. The survey is now in progress. 

The random survey methodology provides for a scientifically valid confidence level of +/- five percent and the results are reliable.  It also provides benchmarking to past survey results.

Scientific surveys are carefully built with an eye towards validity and reliability via questionnaire design, sampling, data collection and analysis. The City uses the results to evaluate and improve its performance. Results are statistically weighted to reflect the proper demographic composition of the entire community. The survey has standardized questions to compare against other National Community Survey jurisdictions with a few customized questions crafted in close cooperation with the City Council and staff.

The City asks that you please complete the survey either by filling out the hard copy or taking the survey online. See instructions below.

Past survey results have been compiled into seven reports (Dashboard Summary of Findings, Community Livability Report, Trends Over Time, Geographic Subgroup Comparisons, Demographic Subgroup Comparisons, the Technical Appendices, and Open Ended Responses), which are available to review below.

For questions, contact  or 619-522-7339 

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How to Complete the Online Survey (view full instructions here)

2018 Survey Results:
2018 - The NCS Community Livability Report Coronado
2018 - The NCS Dashboard-Coronado 
2018 - The NCS Demographic Crosstabs-Coronado
2018 - The NCS Geographic Crosstabs-Coronado 
2018 - The NCS Open End Report-Coronado
2018 - The NCS Technical Appendices-Coronado 
2018 - The NCS Trends over Time-Coronado

2014 Survey Results:

2014 - The NCS Community Livability Report-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Dashboard-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Demographic Crosstabs-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Geographic Crosstabs-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Open End Report-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Technical Appendices-Coronado
2014 - The NCS Trends over Time-Coronado

2011 Survey Results:
2011 - The NCS Survey Results
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