COVID-19 Testing


The City of Coronado is partnering with Kahala Biosciences to provide walk-up COVID-19 viral and antibody testing services.

Available Tests
- RT-PCR Viral tests for active COVID-19 infection; results in 3-4 business days (covered by most insurances; may require additional cost if deductible has not been met)
-Rapid Antibody detects antibodies in the immune system, not the virus itself; same-day results (covered by most insurances; may require additional cost if deductible has not been met)
-Rapid Antigen tests for active COVID-19 infection, same day results (self-pay required at $85, not typically reimbursed through insurance)

For more information on test types, visit FDA - Coronavirus Disease 2019 Testing Basics 
Please bring your ID and Insurance card. 

Mondays and Thursdays | 9am-1pm



Coronado Club Room and Boathouse
1985 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118

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Masks required at all times onsite. Please maintain 6ft distance.

Testing FAQs


Q. How do I register for an appointment?

You can register for an appointment via the City's dedicated online portal hosted by Kahala Biosciences. To register visit:

Q. What if I can't register online?
Online registration is required to make an appointment. If you are unable to register online, you may register onsite as a walk-in. Note, there is a wait for walk-in appointments. If you do opt to walk-in, it is recommended to arrive after 10:00am. If you receiver errors or have an issue with registration system, please contact or (619) 522-7390 to get help.

Q. Who is eligible for testing?
Anyone who would like to receive a test can receive testing at the City's testing site. This program allows anyone who is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to be tested; anyone who has been in “close contact” with someone who has COVID-19 to be tested; anyone who needs a negative test to return to work to be tested; anyone who may have been exposed through a large gathering to be tested; or anyone who meets any criteria for testing to be tested. 

Q. Do I have to make an appointment?
Appointments are preferred to allow for efficient service. However, walk-ins can be accommodated based on testing availability. There may be a wait and you will still have to complete the required forms before you can be tested. If you do opt to walk-in, it is recommended to arrive after 10:00am.

Q. What should I expect after I complete my registration?
You should receive an email confirmation providing the testing date, time and location. If you do not, please contact Kahala Biosciences at (855) 524-2522 or by email at

Q. What do I need to bring to my testing appointment?
Please remember to bring your government issued ID and health insurance card if you are using insurance.

Q. Do I need to select what type of test - viral or antibody - I would like when registering?
No, you do not need to select a specific test when registering. Simply sign-up for your preferred appointment time and then let the testing staff know which test you would like to receive upon check-in.

Q. Is my minor child eligible to be tested?
Children can be tested under the supervision of the site medical staff and their parent or guardian.

Q. How do I cancel my appointment?
To make changes to your appointment, contact 

Q. Are there other testing locations in the City of Coronado?
There are no other testing locations in the City of Coronado. The County of San Diego offers free testing locations, for more information visit: County of San Diego COVID Testing. There are no private labs offering COVID-19 testing within the City. Coronado Sharp Hospital offers COVID-19 testing to individuals receiving care at the facility. 

Q. Why is the City of Coronado offering testing?
Testing for COVID-19 is recognized by public health officials as an important cornerstone to beat the pandemic. However, there were no convenient testing locations for Coronado residents within the City. A need exists to provide the Coronado community with a convenient COVID-19 testing location accessible within the City for individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and those who are not. Local governments across the country are stepping in to fill gaps in testing availability by offering the service directly to residents.

Q. Where can I find out information on the COVID-19 vaccine?
The distribution of vaccinations for COVID-19 is currently being overseen by the County of San Diego. For information, visit the County of San Diego COVID-19 vaccination website.


Q. Are COVID-19 viral tests covered by my insurance?
Those receiving tests will provide their insurance information to Kahala Biosciences who will coordinate reimbursement directly. If a tested individual’s insurance does not cover the cost, the insured would work directly with the company to recoup payment. Insurers are generally required to cover the cost of COVID-19 viral tests. There is no copayment required at the time of testing.

Q. What if I don't have insurance?
If individuals do not have insurance, they may be tested at no cost through a federal program administered through the Federal Health Resources and Services Administration. If you qualify as low or moderate income, there may be a program through the City to help with testing costs. Contact for more information.

Q. Can I pay directly for a test? 
If individuals wish to pay directly, COVID-19 tests will cost $120. Kahala Biosciences also offers antibody testing for a fee of $65.

Q. I received an "Explanation of Benefits" from my insurance company showing a balance for the cost of testing. What does this mean?
You may receive an "Explanation of Benefits" from your insurer after receiving your test. This is simply a breakdown of the cost of the test and what your insurer paid. This is not a bill. 


Q. What kind of COVID-19 viral test is administered? 
The tests are FDA approved PCR swab tests that test for active virus in your body.

Q. How long does it take to get my results?
After a COVID-19 viral test, you should receive test results 3 days after your appointment. Test results for COVID-19 antibody tests will be available at the time of testing.

Q. What does a positive PCR test mean?
A positive test indicates that you are currently infected with COVID-19 and are likely contagious. You should immediately contact your primary care physician for further guidance. If you are experiencing an emergency warning sign (including trouble breathing), seek emergency medical care immediately. As much as possible, stay away from other people and pets in your home. If you need to be around other people or animals in or outside of the home, wear a face covering.

If anyone in your household has had direct contact with you, they should monitor their temperature and look for symptoms such as fever, cough or sore throat for 14 days. They should avoid public spaces and transportation and not come in contact with individuals who are elderly, have chronic medical conditions or are immunocompromised.

Q. What does a negative PCR test mean?
A negative test result means that the virus was not detected in your test sample. Negative results should be interpreted within a patient’s individual situation and should not be taken as the sole determining factor in ruling out the disease.

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