Weekly Update March 6, 2020

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Weekly Update March 6, 2020

Weekly Update March 6, 2020

Coronado is attending a public hearing later this month to appeal its proposed allocation outlined in SANDAG’s Regional Housing Needs Assessment. Find out more in the latest edition of the City Manager’s Weekly Update.

You can also find out about the communication problems at traffic signals along the Silver Strand that caused back-ups this week; a Cal-Am water leak along the Bayshore Bikeway; a project to renovate the Cays block wall south of the entrance; a new catalog system at the Coronado Public Library; and Lightning, this week’s Pet of the Week.

Each week, the City Manager's Office provides an update that includes information on programs, services and issues within the City, as well as news, project updates and follow-up information when necessary.

Weekly Update link:  http://bit.ly/2IgWCxl

Weekly Update video link: https://youtu.be/pwu4-F0J9KY


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Posted on 03/06/2020
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