Public Projects

Public Projects

  •  Underground Utilities Master Plan

  •  City Manager's Report on Silver Strand Underground Utilities Master Plan Re-prioritization

  • The Country Club/Parker Basin Area Storm Line Infiltration Project generally consists of repairs to the storm drain system within the Country Club area to eliminate the infiltration of groundwater.  The majority of the work consists of pipe lining, which will not require trenching in the roadway; however, the project does include two repairs that will require excavation and replacement of the existing storm drain pipe.  These locations are in front of 880-890 Coronado Avenue and on Sixth Street between Balboa and Coronado Avenues.  To facilitate this work, groundwater is being discharged to the outfall located at North Beach.  A permit was obtained from the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) and the water is being tested regularly to ensure it is clean and poses no health risks.  The monitoring reports which are submitted to the RWQCB are accessible via the links below:

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Completed Projects 

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