Inclusion Philosophy

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Inclusion Philosophy

The City of Coronado Recreation and Golf Services Department is committed to serving the needs of everyone in the community through inclusive programming, providing an atmosphere in which persons with and without special needs can interact, play, and socialize with their peers in an all-inclusive, supportive environment.

Inclusion Policy

The City of Coronado Recreation and Golf Services Department will provide inclusion assistance, with 3 weeks prior notice, for persons with special needs, enabling them to participate in Recreation and Golf Services Department Programs.  Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Inclusion assistance will not include invasive procedures such as trach suctioning, cauterization, tube feedings, injections or oxygen tank monitoring.
  • Staff will store the medication so that the child can administer the medication, or staff will assist with medications when they can be administered in a non-intrusive manner in accordance with the Recreation and Golf Services Department’s Medication Dispensing Policy.
  • Toileting: Staff will provide the following toileting assistance to participants (with the consent of the parent if under the age of 18): reminders, verbal cuing, pulling up and down of clothes, and snapping, zipping, or buttoning of clothes.  Staff will not provide diapering, post-toilet wiping, or hands-on transferring of persons with special needs. Staff will not provide any invasive procedures dealing with a catheter.

  • In addition, all participants must enroll in age appropriate programs with their peers.  Age/grade requirements for each program/activity will be enforced for all programs.

Inclusion Request Procedure

An Inclusion Support Request Form must be received 3 weeks prior to the start of a program to allow for adequate time to assess the request.  A Program Registration Form needs to accompany this form.

  • Requests will only be considered if there is room in the program for an additional participant.  If the class has already reached its maximum number of participants, the Administration Office will contact the parent to communicate that the class is already full.
  • Once a request is received, the Inclusion Specialist will contact the parent to discuss the specific needs of the child.
  • If an inclusion aide is assigned, he/she will contact the parent prior to the first day of the program to introduce them self and inquire about any special needs and considerations the child may have while attending the activity.
  • All attempts will be made to accommodate the needs of all participants, however due to staffing restraints, days and times may be limited.
  • If a request is received less than 3 weeks before the start of the program, all attempts will be made to accommodate the request, however due to time restraints, requests may not be filled.


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