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The Avenue of Heroes Program is a military service recognition program sponsored by the City of Coronado. The inspiration for Coronado’s Avenue of Heroes came spontaneously with the movement of two Navy SEALs to their final resting place.  The news spread quickly.  The local Rotary Club passed out American flags, schools were dismissed early and teachers brought students to line Fourth Street to honor the fallen service members.  As the procession approached the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, just beyond the toll booth in the center divide, a lone Navy SEAL stood for hours at attention, saluting as he waited for the passage of his comrades.  At that moment, it was clear that Third and Fourth Streets were an Avenue of Heroes.

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Rules and Regulations

Requirements for Submission of Banner Applications:
To be considered, an application for a banner may be submitted to the City of Coronado by a family member of the candidate, or a resident, Coronado business or organization, or military command. Applications submitted on behalf of a living candidate shall include the signed approval of the candidate. If the candidate is deceased, the approval of a relative of the deceased candidate should be provided, if possible.

Banner Application Form

Qualifications for a Banner:
Candidates for banners shall be past or present residents of Coronado, who have honorably served or are presently serving in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and may be living or deceased. For the purpose of satisfying the residency requirement, an individual shall be considered a resident of Coronado, if he or she presently resides or previously resided within the city limits of Coronado including Naval Base Coronado. The preferred proof of prior service is a DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Presently serving applicants shall provide either Page 4 or 8, as applicable, of their active duty service record.

Proof of prior or current residency in Coronado shall be provided to the satisfaction of the selection committee. Proof of residency can take many forms so it is not practical to state the precise documentation that needs to be submitted. 

Criteria for Determining Application Priority and Recipients: 
Applicants will be categorized and ranked by a selection committee consisting of members of Coronado VFW Post 2422, the Third and Fourth Streets Neighborhood Association, and the Coronado Historical Association. The committee will establish evaluation criteria that may include the following: killed while on active duty and performing his or her duties in the military; decorations for heroism, for example. Congressional Medal of Honor or Navy Cross; noteworthy status, accomplishment or service while serving in the military, such as, Sailor of the Year, first naval aviator or astronaut; participation in a major engagement, including TET offensive, battle for the Chosin Reservoir or attack on Pearl Harbor; years of service; and highest military rank. Applications shall include documentation to establish satisfaction of the foregoing criteria. In order to provide a reasonable breadth of qualified candidates the committee may, at its discretion, allocate the total number of available banners among the various selection factors such as those involving heroic actions, significant service of long standing, historically important individuals, those known for unique accomplishments, such as, Sailor of the Year. Candidates will be assigned to one of the categories described above based on the extent that they satisfy the criterion. Candidates will be ranked within each category, in a manner determined by the committee as being appropriate for the category. Based on the ranking received by each of the candidates, the recipients of the banners will be determined. The rankings of the other candidates will be updated in the next cycle, based on the replacement of banners every six months. New applications will be evaluated and the rankings will be updated accordingly. The committee may also consider approving banners to honor specific military units and activities, squadrons and ships presently or previously located or home ported in Coronado.

Placement and Removal of Banners:
Banners will be displayed for approximately six months. They will be changed on or about Veterans Day in November and Memorial Day in May.

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