Spreckels Park Tree Evaluation

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Spreckels Park Tree Evaluation

Spreckels Park Tree Failure 

The Italian Stone pine tree at Spreckels park, estimated to be more than 100 years old, uprooted on September 19. Here is a summary of an evaluation by the City’s contract arborist of the failed pine:

The tree showed no obvious signs of stress or decline in its canopy. An umbrella shaped canopy that is typical of Italian Stone pine trees throughout the region showed minimal signs of distress. The most visible sign of the tree’s failure was the large structural roots that broke off near the base of the pine. Roots were visibly tangled and girdled within a short span of the pine’s root flare. The live crown is the top part of a tree, where the leaves grow. The ratio of the size of a tree's live crown to its total height is used in estimating its health.
The pine’s ratio was found to be at 40 percent. Generally, you do not want the ratio below 33 percent. Soil conditions were found to be wet but not excessively wet. Recent fertilizing required an increase in irrigation to dilute nutrients into the soil and sod. Defects were not visible as they were underground. Nothing above the surface led to any indication that uprooting would occur. The City is conducting evaluations of all trees at Spreckels Park to determine if further evaluation or action is required.

Here is a copy of the arborist's report.

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Posted on 10/09/2018
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