Council Actions May 1, 2018

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Council Actions May 1, 2018

City Council Actions from May 1, 2018


a.         Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda.  (Pg 5) Approved.

*b.         Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budgets for FY 2017-2018.  (Pg 7) Approved.

c.         Approval of Acceptance of a Bequest of $19,266.67 to the Coronado Public Library from the Nielsen Marital Trust.  (Pg 67) The Council accepted the bequest of $19,266.67 from the Nielsen Marital Trust for the benefit of the Coronado Public Library.

d.         Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Five-Year License Agreement Between the United States Navy and the City of Coronado for the San Diego Bay Tideland Marsh Area.  (Pg 69) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute the license agreement between the U.S. Navy and the City of Coronado for the San Diego Bay Tideland Marsh area.

e.         Approve a Recommendation from the Cultural Arts Commission to Continue the Public Art Project “Sit A Spell and Play A Tune,” in 2018 with Three Artfully Wrapped Public Art Pianos to be Installed in Coronado Rotary Plaza, Coronado Ferry Landing, and Adella Plaza from May Through the 2018 Coronado Holiday Parade.  (Pg 83) The Council approved the continuation of the “Sit a Spell and Play a Tune” public art project and directed the Commission to create, operate, and maintain three piano installations in Coronado Rotary Plaza, Coronado Ferry Landing, and Adella Plaza from May through the 2018 Holiday Parade.

f.          Second Reading and Adoption of “An Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Coronado Reauthorizing the One Percent Public Educational and Government (PEG) Fee for State Video Franchise Holders Operating Within the Boundaries of the City and Amending Chapter 52.44.020 of Title 52 of the Coronado Municipal Code to Provide for Automatic Reauthorization of the PEG Fee.”   (Pg 95) The Council adopted the ordinance reauthorizing the one percent Public Educational and Government Fee for state video franchise holders operating within the boundaries of the City and amending the Coronado Municipal Code to provide for automatic reauthorization and directed the City Clerk to read the title of the adopted ordinance.

g.         Authorize the Public Services and Engineering Department to Issue a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for As-Needed Consultant Services for Storm Water and Wastewater Compliance and Program Management.  (Pg 101) The Council authorized the Request for Qualifications process for the selection of on-call consulting services for storm water and wastewater compliance and program management.

h.         Approval of Request from San Diego Worldwide Initiative to Safeguard Humanity (WISH) for the City to Serve as Host of the 2018 Peace and Humanity Day on Friday, August 10.  (Pg 103) The Council approved the request.

**i.      Accept the Recommendations of the Street Tree Committee and Direct Staff to Modify the Approved Street Tree List.  (Pg 107) The Council accepted the recommendations of the Street Tree Committee to add four new species -- the raywood ash, peppermint, cape chestnut and Japanese black pine -- and directed staff to modify the Approved Street Tree List. A 2014 tree inventory conducted by the City’s tree trimming contractor identified that magnolia grandiflora comprises more than 10 percent of the tree inventory within Coronado. This percentage is above the threshold which is considered an acceptable risk should species-specific pests or disease occur.

j.          Dockless Commercial Bicycle Enforcement.  (Pg 117) The Council received the report.



a.        Public Hearing:  Approval of a Resolution Adopting a Revised Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program Fee to Mitigate the Impacts of Development of Residential Units on the San Diego Regional Transportation Arterial System for FY 2018/19.  (Pg 119) The Council held a public hearing and approved the resolution adopting a revised schedule for a Regional Transportation Congestion Improvement Program Fee to mitigate the impacts of development of residential units on the San Diego Regional Transportation Arterial System for FY 2018/19, increasing the existing Uniform Transportation Mitigation Fee by 3.3 percent from $2,404.14 to $2,483.48 for each newly constructed residential unit.

b.         Public Hearing:  Approval of a Historic Alteration Permit for a Remodel and Addition, Including Zoning Exception Requests Related to Setbacks, for the Property Located at 909 J Avenue in the R-1A(E) (Single Family Residential) Zone (HAP 2017-01).  (Pg 129) The Council adopted the resolution approving a request for a Historic Alteration Permit, including exceptions to zoning standards related to setbacks, for the property located at 909 J Ave.


10.       CITY COUNCIL:

b.         Policy Discussion: Zoning, Land Use and Construction Regulations Related to Basements in all Zones.  (Pg 157) The Council passed a motion which changes the City’s Administrative process for Shoring permits for Buildings with Basements in all zones.

  1. Modify the Public Notice for Demolition, Shoring and New Construction to require inclusion of the following: Notification of Dewatering and a 24-hour contact number will be required to be listed if dewatering is a part of the project scope.
  2. An additional project information card will be required to be posted on the site that will include; The contact information for the General Contractor and the Property Owner, Project ID number for both the geotechnical and shoring design calculations and a 24-hour contact number for projects that require a dewatering permit. The project information shall be posted at the site in a location that is visible and readable from the street.
  3. Require concurrent submittal of all technical plans for both shoring and dewatering designs.
  4. Require the General Contractor to monitor performance of the dewatering system and deflection of the shoring system as prescribed by the design engineers. Require the General Contractor to provide the City with copies of written monitoring reports for the duration of the project at time of final inspection of the backfill of the excavation. Require soldier beam penetration written report indicating installation depth and location.
  5. In addition, no longer allow property owners to apply for shoring permits and building permits separately. All design documents, and permit documents for the project will be required to be submitted concurrently for projects that involve a shoring permit for the construction of a basement.


  6. For projects building a basement affecting the groundwater in the water table, to require the contractor to carry subsidence insurance;
  7. For basements that are built in the water table, they will have a setback to match the setback required for underground pool construction which is three feet;
  8. Provide a “basement data” informational report to the City Council in one year as to the size of and uses of basements for all project submittals for a building permit during the next 12 months; and
  9. That an informational report be returned to the City Council with an analysis of habitable space as it relates to buildable Floor Area Ratio on the property for underground construction.

The Council passed a second motion directing staff to return with an evaluation of noise restrictions the City could impose on a property owner’s dewatering systems that are in place where basements are built and dewatering systems are required.

c.         Direction Regarding City of Coronado “State of the City Address.”  (Pg 171) The Council directed staff to implement a State of the City Address in Coronado, to be a free, formal City-sponsored event for the Council to celebrate the City’s accomplishments.



a.         Consideration of Councilmember Benzian’s Request that the City Council Agendize a Discussion to Address a Proposed Resolution Banning Off-Shore Drilling.  (Pg 173) The item was removed from the agenda.


Note:   Items denoted by an asterisk (*) are related to the Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado. Items denoted by two asterisks (**) signify that the item was removed from the Consent Calendar for discussion or was adopted as part of the Consent Calendar.


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