Ride Request Form

Ride Request Form
1. You must be an approved rider in the Out and About program before submitting a ride request.
2. Ride requests must be received at least 7 days in advance. Please plan accordingly.
3. Out and About coordinator will call to confirm ride details and receipt of the request.
4. Rides may be scheduled up to one month in advance.
5. Repeating rides must be resubmitted each month (e.g. weekly trips to the Spreckels Center).
6. Please be cognizant of peak travel times – early morning and late afternoon rides are more difficult to accommodate.
7. Rides are provided from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday except during City of Coronado observed holidays.
8. All drivers are volunteers. Rides are not guaranteed.
9. Please contact Coronado Seniors Out and About staff with any questions at (619) 522-6302 or by email at outandabout@coronado.ca.us


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Do you require a return ride?Yes  No
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