City Opposes Senate Bill 649

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Opposition to Senate Bill 649

City Opposes Senate Bill 649

Let Your Voice be Heard

Senate Bill 649 Wireless telecommunication facilities (Hueso, D-San Diego) is currently on the Governor’s desk for approval.

This legislation gives for-profit telecommunications corporations the right to install wireless technology virtually anywhere in the City of Coronado and eliminates all incentives for the telecommunication industry to protect views or the aesthetic quality of our community. 

The implementation of SB 649 has the potential to not only negatively impact our economy but our quality of life as well.

The City recently submitted a letter to Governor Brown formally requesting that he veto SB 649 and encourages residents and business owners to write their own protest letters. Here is a template letter to work from.

Here is the sample citizen letter:

The Honorable Jerry Brown

Governor, State of California

State Capitol, First Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

RE:       SB 649 (Hueso). Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (as enrolled)

Request for Veto

Dear Governor Brown:

As a resident of the City of Coronado, I am deeply concerned about the potential impacts of SB 649 (Hueso) on our City and respectfully request your veto. SB 649 gives telecommunication corporations the right to install their equipment virtually anywhere without considering how residents are affected.  Allowing for-profit companies to install their large radio equipment boxes on light poles in our view corridors without any oversight will not serve the public well.

I do not trust that these large corporations will appreciate the distinctive aesthetic of Coronado characterized by our landscaped main street - Orange Avenue, beautiful ocean views, and tree-lined neighborhoods with historic homes.  The beauty of Coronado is critical to not only supporting the important local tourism economy but also sustaining the quality of life residents enjoy.

SB 649 mars our most sensitive view corridors and reduces the attractiveness of the local landscape. Residents want access to improved wireless technology but not at the expense of our local economy and unique way-of-life.  Again, I respectfully request your veto of SB 649 and allow our local government to work with cell phone providers to install equipment that meets both our technology and aesthetic needs.  


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Posted on 10/05/2017
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