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CP Training

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  2. Letty's CPR Form

    CPR classes are taught by Coronado Fire Personnel and are held in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 700 Orange Avenue, Police... More…

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  2. Maggie's Form

Fire Department

  1. Community Event & Station Tour Requests
  2. Coronado CERT Member Contact Information Update

    New CERT information and opportunities are made available regularly. It is important for us to have your most current contact... More…

  3. Get Ready Coronado Classes

    Get Ready Coronado classes are taught by the Coronado Fire Department quarterly and upon request. Class participants will learn how to... More…

  1. Coronado CERT Interest Form

    CERT Classes are offered to Coronado Residents as well as anyone who works within the City of Coronado. Session 1 must be taken first... More…

  2. CPR Class Registration Form

Recreation & Golf Services

  1. Agreement and Release of Liability

    Agreement and Release of Liability

  2. New Account Request Form

    Please fill out this form to request a New Account for PerfectMind, our registration software.

  3. Scholarship Program Application
  1. Facility Rental Application
  2. Park or Beach Permit Application