Besides the City, who monitors the storm drain system?

In September of each year, the City submits a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, or NPDES, Storm Water Annual Report to the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board for review. This report is a thorough analysis of the City's stormwater management program's effectiveness in improving water quality. Specific areas of program implementation address development and construction activity; municipal operations; commercial business inspections; and residential outreach. All cities within San Diego County are required to submit an NPDES report annually. Additionally, the County's Environmental Health Department performs weekly water quality sampling in the City. Should samples exceed safe water quality levels, the City is notified and an appropriate level of public notification and protection is made.

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1. Why does the City of Coronado have separate sanitary sewer and storm drain systems?
2. Why is rainwater released untreated?
3. Why can't storm drain water be sent to Point Loma to be treated?
4. What does the City do to limit pollutants in storm water runoff?
5. What else does the City do to keep our ocean and bay clean year-round?
6. Why is there a flooding issue in the Country Club Estates area? What makes it different?
7. What has the City done to deal with the minor flooding in Country Club Estates?
8. Besides the City, who monitors the storm drain system?
9. What safeguards do our sewer and storm water systems have to prevent failures?
10. What can residents do to help keep our waterways clean?