What has the City done to deal with the minor flooding in Country Club Estates?

A storm drain system of new pipes and pump stations was installed in the early 1990s and has greatly reduced flooding in the area. Because the system uses mechanical means to pump the water to the ocean, minor flooding may still occur if there is any type of mechanical problem. Should anyone notice stormwater levels approaching the top of the curb, they should notify the City's Public Services Department. Dozens of homes and roads were built decades ago over the former waterway. Its water table will remain where it has always been. For a time, the City routinely pumped water out of the area to help prevent flooding of nearby streets and property. However, since the City could not guarantee that everything it pumped was 100 percent clean, the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board stopped the practice. Now, the City may only pump during rain events. Without constant pumping, the groundwater has returned to its natural level.

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7. What has the City done to deal with the minor flooding in Country Club Estates?
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