How will these new outdoor smoking regulations be enforced?
  • Public Responsibility - Those responsible for an outdoor area in which smoking is prohibited shall not knowingly allow smoking in that area. In addition, they shall post "No Smoking" or "Smoke Free" signs at the point of ingress and one other conspicuous place within the outdoor no smoking area.
  • City Responsibility - The City has signage in the business districts, parks, beaches, parking lots and walkways stating there is "No Smoking on Public Property." The City anticipates that most people will voluntarily comply with these new regulations. However, City Code Enforcement staff and the Police Department will respond to complaints of smoking violations and request voluntary compliance. In the rare case of non-compliance, the City has the ability to issue a citation in an amount up to $100 for the first offense.

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4. How will these new outdoor smoking regulations be enforced?
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