Where is smoking prohibited outdoors in Coronado?
  • Public Property - The City prohibits smoking in parks and beaches, and all public property, including streets, highways, alleys, rights-of-way, parkways, sidewalks, parking lots and pathways.
  • Public or Private Property Within 25 Feet of an Enclosed Building - Smoking also is not allowed on public or private property within 25 feet of a doorway or window of an enclosed building, in which smoking is prohibited. Smoking, however, may be permitted in an outdoor dining area if a majority of the outdoor dining area is located on private property. See details below.
  • Private Property When Open to the General Public - Smoking is prohibited on outdoor private property if it is open to the general public for an event, recreational purposes or as a service area, such as ATMs, tickets lines, parking stands, etc.

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1. Where is smoking prohibited outdoors in Coronado?
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