Golf Residency Card

Golf Residency Card FAQ

Coronado Golf Course Resident Cards: What you need to know

To prioritize resident access to the Coronado Golf Course, the City, in cooperation with Brian Smock Golf, are implementing Resident Golf Cards.  Residents will have a seven-day window to book advanced tee-times at no cost; booking further than seven days in advance will still incur the advanced booking fee.  Visit the Coronado Community Center to receive your resident card for prioritized tee time access.  Proof of Coronado residency required; please see below or view the Coronado Recreation Brochure for more information about acceptable documents.  Replacement cards: $5 each.

What is the new Golf Resident Card?

  • If you are a Coronado resident, you will now be able to book a tee time up to 7 days in advance without paying the advanced booking fee. Residency must be verified, and the physical card obtained prior to utilizing the new booking system. 

What do I need to do in order to prove my residency?

  • A utility bill, lease (or slip) agreement of at least 6 months, military housing orders of at least 6 months, property tax statement, or a check with address imprinted are all valid forms of residency. The City does not retain these documents; providing Community Center staff with a copy or a photo of these documents for verification is all that is required. You will also need to provide a valid photo ID that matches the name on the document.

Where do I get the card and what does the process entail?

  • The residency card may be obtained at the Coronado Community Center (1845 Strand Way). If you do not already have an account in our recreation  registration software, CivicRec, staff will create one for you. Your photo will be taken for use on the back of the residency card. The entire verification process takes less than 5 minutes. 

How do I book a tee time and when will my residency card be effective in the Coronado Golf system?

  • Online tee times will be booked via a separate resident portal at You will receive your physical residency card immediately, but please allow 24 hours for your email address to become active in the Coronado Golf reservation system. 

When does the new resident advanced booking policy go into effect?

  • The cards can be obtained beginning Wednesday, December 6 and the new booking system will go into effect January 1, 2024.   

Can my friend use my resident card to book a tee time?

  • No, only the resident who has obtained a residency card may book and use the resident card and the resident must be part of the group utilizing the booked tee time. If the resident card is not presented by the owner of the card at the time of purchase of green fees, the full advanced booking charge of $25 will be required for all players in the group. Misuse of the card may also lead to revocation of resident advance booking privileges. 

Is there a limit to how many tee times I can book with this new policy?

  • Each resident will be limited to one tee time per day. 

How much does it cost and can I get duplicate cards?

  • There is no initial fee. For any lost or damaged cards there will be a $5 charge.  Duplicate cards are not allowed. 

If I own a business in Coronado, am I considered a resident?

  • Yes, the same rules for providing documentation would apply.

If I work or go to school in Coronado, am I resident?

  • Unless employed by the City, working or going to school in Coronado does not qualify you for residency.

How often do I have to get a new card?

  • Residency must be re-established once every 3 years. The expiration date will be shown on the back of the card. 

If I'm married, does my spouse need to get a resident card to book, too?

  • Yes, all members of a household will be required to have their own residency card. 

Does my proof of residency offer any other perks with the City of Coronado?

  • Yes! Being a verified resident of the City of Coronado allows discounted rates for the pool, gymnasium, and fitness center as well as lower rates for programs and classes offered by the Recreation Department. The registration window for residents also opens up to two weeks before non-residents, providing priority access to programs and classes.

If you have questions about the process of obtaining a resident card, please call the Coronado Community Center at (619) 522-7342. 

If you have questions regarding tee time booking, please call the Golf Pro Shop at (619) 522-6590