Film and Photography Permits

Film and Photography Permit Application

Please download the attached application to fill out. Applicants may email the completed application to [email protected] 

Photography/Filming Information

Film Permits are required for all motion picture, video, and still photography productions. Applications must be submitted five (5) business days prior to proposed date of filming for a basic permit, and 10 days prior to filming for a permit requiring road closures or traffic control. Requests made less than five (5) days prior to filming may be considered and are subject to availability of City facilities and staff. Applications must be canceled 24 hours in advance of shoot or applicant will be charged for personnel costs.

All filming activities shall follow the provisions of Section 20.04 of the City Code and the activity shall be conducted in accordance with the description contained in the application. Railings, scaffolding, generators, or any additional equipment will not be permitted. The total number of personnel involved with the permittee’s filming/photography session is limited to nineteen. Alcohol is not allowed on public property in connection with the permittee’s filming/photography session and the permittee is responsible with cleaning up any trash or debris arising from the session prior to leaving the area. The permittee may not block or interfere with any pedestrian or vehicular traffic and immediate access must be given to any emergency vehicles/personnel that may be in the area. All persons involved with the filming/photography session must comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

Filming Fees

Application Processing Fee: $50.00 non-refundable

Still Photography and Filming Fees Per Day: 

Bayview Park
Central Beach
North Beach
South Beach
Centennial Park
Coronado Cays Park
Glorietta Bay Park
Glorietta Bay Promenade Park
Spreckels Park without Gazebo
Spreckels Park with Gazebo
Star Park

Still Photography in other locations: 

A Cast and Crew of Ten or Less$25.00 per location
A Cast and Crew of More than Ten$50.00 per location

Filming and Video in other locations: 

A Cast and Crew of Ten or Less
$200.00 per day
$100.00 up to four hours
A Cast and Crew of More than Ten
$600.00 per day
$300.00 up to four hours

Use of Public Parking:

Passenger Vehicles$25.00 per vehicle, per day
Production Vehicles$25.00 per vehicle, per day

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