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The Coronado Recreation and Golf Services Scholarship Program is available for residents of Coronado. Applications may be submitted year-round however, a separate application must be submitted for each brochure session and each participant.  Only approved program offerings are eligible; see highlighted selections in the current brochure.

The value of the scholarship per brochure session, per participant, is up to a maximum value of $150.  The award may be applied to multiple offerings within a brochure session.  Any unused funds will revert back to the program.

After submission, staff will review the form and notify the applicant if they have been approved for a scholarship disbursement.   Award is based upon funds available, number of requests, and the applicant's financial situation.  Applicant's family income cannot exceed 80% of the County of San Diego Area Median Income Limit (AMI) to qualify for the program.  Proof of income may be required.

Approved applicants will be provided direction to complete their registration online and make payment.  If online-only registration has passed, registration can be completed over the phone or in person.

A PDF form is available for those who wish to print and mail their application to the Recreation Department.

Questions about the Scholarship Program should be directed to the Recreation Administration division via email.


If you would like to donate to the Coronado Recreation Scholarship Program to help provide opportunities for lower income youth and adults, please contact the front desk at (619) 522-7342 or the Recreation Administration division.

Scholarship Program Application

    • Coronado residents may apply for one scholarship, per participant, per brochure season.
    • Scholarships may be used for specified classes, camps, or one-day programs. See current brochure for offerings.
    • Proof of Coronado residency is required to process the application and establish an account.
    • Family income cannot exceed 80% of the County of San Diego Area Median Income Limit (AMI) to qualify for the program.
    • Scholarship award maximum value is $150 and may be used to offset the fee for multiple programs in a brochure session.
    • The scholarship program may not always be available and is based upon the funds available in the account and number of qualified applicants.
    • This form is an application only; filling it out does not guarantee a scholarship. If awarded, you will be notified by phone and email about how to register for the course requested.
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    I attest all information provided is true and correct. Providing false information will result in disqualification from the City of Coronado Scholarship Program.

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