Council Actions June 21, 2022

City Council Actions from June 21, 2022



  1. Approval of reading by title and waiver of reading in full of ordinances on this agenda



  1. Review and approve that the warrants, as certified by the city/agency treasurer, are all correct, just, and conform to the approved budget for fiscal year 2021-22



10.       City Council:

  1.  Receive report on San Diego County water quality testing and beach closures

        The Council received a report on San Diego County Water quality testing protocol changes and recent beach closures, and directed staff to work with Imperial Beach officials, and possibly other interested groups, to draft a formal request to San Diego County to reexamine the testing methodology and temporarily halt closures based on the results of the new tests alone. 

     b.  Fiscal Year 2022-23 proposed budget and financial plan presentation 

         The Council received a presentation and report on the Fiscal Year 2022-23 Proposed Budget and Financial Plan and directed staff to incorporate feedback into the budget for adoption at a Special City Council meeting on June 23, 2022. Council also directed staff to prepare reports on fees, funds and additional options for providing support to staff to move along the Satellite Water Recycling and Turf Care Facility


Note:   Items denoted by an asterisk (*) signify that the item was removed from the Consent Calendar for discussion or was adopted as part of the Consent Calendar.

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