Council Actions Jan. 19, 2021

City Council Actions from Jan. 19, 2021


a.         Approval of Reading by Title and Waiver of Reading in Full of Ordinances on this Agenda.  (Pg 1) Approved.

*b.          Review and Approve that the Warrants, as Certified by the City/Agency Treasurer, are all Correct, Just, and Conform to the Approved Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.  (Pg 3) Approved.

c.         Adoption of “A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado to Remove a Red No Parking Curb Zone on Alameda Boulevard and Accept Installation of Two Red Curb No Parking Zones on Fourth Street.”  (Pg 29) The Council adopted the resolution to remove a red no parking curb zone on Alameda Boulevard and accept the installation of two red curb no parking zones on Fourth Street.

d.         Authorization to Award a Janitorial Services Contract to T & T Janitorial in the Amount of $910,239 Annually for a Term of Three Years for Routine Custodial and COVID-19 Specific Sanitation Services at City Facilities.  (Pg 35) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute a janitorial services contract with T & T Janitorial, Inc. for a term of three years, with two renewal option years, and an annual contract sum of $910,239.  A total of $490,239 shall be allocated for routine custodial services and an additional $420,000 available for COVID-19-related sanitation services for City facilities on an as-needed basis.

e.         Authorize the City Manager to Execute a Cooperative Purchasing Agreement for Two Replacement BMW Motorcycles for Police Services.  (Pg 37) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute a cooperative purchasing/piggybacking agreement with Escondido BMW for the purchase of two motorcycles for Police Services.  

f.          Consideration of Encroachment Permit Application for an Outdoor Dining Area Awning in the Public Right-of-Way at 120 Orange Avenue.  (Pg 39) The Council approved an encroachment permit application for an awning over an existing outdoor dining area in the public right-of-way at 120 Orange Ave.

g.         Authorize the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for Specialized Law Enforcement Services with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.  (Pg 55) The Council authorized the City Manager to execute an agreement for specialized law enforcement services with the County of San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

h.         Adoption of a Resolution Expressing Support for Actions to Further Strengthen Local Control as Related to Local Zoning and Housing Issues. (Pg 57) The Council adopted the resolution expressing support for actions to further strengthen local control as related to local zoning and housing issues.

i.          Confirm Agreement with Sharp Coronado Hospital and Healthcare Center for the Use of the Coronado Community Center as a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.  (Pg 61) The Council confirmed the Memorandum of Understanding with Sharp Coronado Hospital for the use of the Coronado Community Center as a COVID-19 Vaccination Site.



a.         CONTINUED: Adopt “A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Coronado Finding Demcon Concrete Construction Inc. in Default of Contract No. 20-CO-ES-735 for the City Hall and Community Center HVAC Water Line Replacement Project.”  (Pg 77) The Council opened the public hearing and closed it without finding Demcon Concrete Construction in default, agreeing to allow Demcon to complete the project.

b.         Consideration of Draft Environmental Initial Study Documents and Determination Whether to Proceed by Mitigated Negative Declaration or Environmental Impact Report for the Strand Water Main Replacement Project.  (Pg 85) The Council directed that a Mitigated Negative Declaration be prepared for the project.


10.       CITY COUNCIL:

b.         CONTINUED: Affirm Authorization for Staff to Advertise the Ocean Boulevard Street Improvements Project (with Two-Foot Sidewalk Widening with Minimum 11-Foot Travel Lanes on Ocean Boulevard) for Bid.  (Pg 97) The Council directed staff to redesign the Ocean Boulevard Street Improvements project to include maintaining a minimum driving lane of 11 feet, replacing the existing sidewalk with up to a maximum of width of 8 feet, (maintaining 11 feet of driving lane takes precedence),  unless the current sidewalk width is already wider, in which case replace in-kind; relocate street posts and other sidewalk appurtenances to the rock side of the curb where widths are 8 feet, or less; and return the full design for Council review and authorization for bid. This item was continued from the January 5, 2021 City Council Meeting.

c.         Consideration of Appointment of One New Member to the Cultural Arts Commission to Fill an Unscheduled Vacancy.  (Pg 151) The Council appointed Tillie Vuksich to the Cultural Arts Commission to serve the remainder of a term to expire December 31, 2021.

d.         Federal Lobbying and Representation Services Presentation by Andre Monette of Best Best & Krieger.  (Pg 169) The Council received a report from J.G. Andre Monette, Partner Best Best & Krieger (BB&K).

**e.     Transient Rental Units in Commercial Zones.  (Pg 183) The Council directed staff to prepare an ordinance amendment to prohibit transient rentals in commercial zones.

f.          Residential Development Standards Review.  (Pg 185) The Council directed staff to prepare an amendment to the City’s Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance to clarify that development proposals that include a new primary residence and an ADU or junior ADU shall be required to be developed within the City’s established regulations, including floor area ratio limits.

g.         Consider Revocation of Formal and Informal Sidewalk Encroachments or Parking Accommodations for Violation of the County of San Diego Public Health Order and Emergency Regulations.  (Pg 189) The Council took no action on the matter.

h.         Quarterly Tasks and Projects Progress Report.  (Pg 193) The Council continued the item.

i.          Report Regarding On-Demand Electric Transportation Services.  (Pg 203) The Council continued the item.

**j.      Authorization for the City Manager or His Designee to Issue Change Orders to the Contractor in Excess of 10% of the Contract Price for the City Hall and Community Center HVAC Water Line Replacement Project. (Pg 207) The Council authorized the City Manager or his designee to issue construction change orders in excess of 10% of the contract price for the City Hall and Community Center HVAC Water Line Replacement project.

Note:   Items denoted by an asterisk (*) are related to the Successor Agency to the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado. Items denoted by two asterisks (**) signify that the item was removed from the Consent Calendar for discussion or was adopted as part of the Consent Calendar.

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