Utility Undergrounding

On June 18, 2019, the City Council approved steps to further four decades of effort towards undergrounding utilities within Coronado. The City accepted non-binding petitions from at least 60% of property owners from a minimum of 65 adjoining properties to form an Undergrounding Assessment District.

Undergrounding Utilities BeforeUndergrounding Utilities After


  • First Street: First Street from D Avenue to Alameda Avenue
  • Silver Strand
  • Alameda/J Avenue: Alameda Boulevard and J Avenue
  • Adella/Coronado Beach Resort: Coronado Beach Resort and the southwest end of Adella/Ynez
  • Adella/Maria/Ynez: Adella Avenue (Pomona to Orange); Maria (Adella to Pomona); and Ynez (Adella to Glorietta)
  • Ocean: Along Ocean, Marina, Alameda, G Avenue

Assessment District Documents