Utility Undergrounding

On June 18, 2019 the City Council approved steps to further four decades of effort towards undergrounding utilities within Coronado.

The City accepted non-binding petitions from at least 60% of property owners from a minimum of 65 adjoining properties to form an Undergrounding Assessment District.

The deadline to submit an initial petition of interest to form an Undergrounding Assessment District was February 1, 2020.

Undergrounding Utilities BeforeUndergrounding Utilities After

Districts Under Review

  • First Street: First Street from D Avenue to Alameda Avenue
  • Silver Strand
  • Alameda/J Avenue: Alameda Boulevard and J Avenue
  • Adella/Coronado Beach Resort: Coronado Beach Resort and the southwest end of Adella/Ynez
  • Adella/Maria/Ynez: Adella Avenue (Pomona to Orange); Maria (Adella to Pomona); and Ynez (Adella to Glorietta)
  • Ocean: Along Ocean, Marina, Alameda, G Avenue

Additional Information

For more information, please email the Office of the City Manager or call us at 619-522-7335.

Assessment District Documents