Parks & Beaches

Coronado has many beautiful parks and beaches. Visit the following park links for location and pictures. Our Beach Guide (PDF) denotes each location and available amenities.

The City of Coronado Facility Rentals Team is accepting applications for park and beach events. Permits are required for a guest count of 25 or more. Parties of any size must be permitted if equipment or décor is being used. The use of bounce houses or similar equipment is limited to select locations and requires vendor approval. Click here for our list of approved equipment vendors and additional requirements. Please note that the City of Coronado does not permit professional picnic businesses to operate on public property.

Please call the Coronado rentals team at 619-522-2654 or email the Park and Beach Rentals Team for permitting questions. Our parks guide has additional information regarding permits, dogs, restroom facilities, and playgrounds.

For Sports Field permitting, please email [email protected] to obtain our Field Allocation Policy and application.

Permits and questions regarding Tidelands Park (non-athletic fields) and Grand Caribe Shoreline Park are fielded through the San Diego Port District. Please call 619-725-6001.

Beaches & Centennial Park Permits

All private events held on Coronado Beach that involve the use of any non-standard beach-related equipment require a use permit, regardless of the number of people attending. Equipment is defined as any item or appurtenance used to define a site or event or to facilitate a private gathering of people including but not limited to: chairs, tables, canopies, arches or arbors, stanchions, decorations, containers, podiums, audio systems, tents, umbrellas, aisle runners or floor coverings, flags, streamers, stages, fencing, and the like. Excluded from the definition of "equipment" is any item or appurtenance that is commonly understood as traditional beach gear of an individual, family or small group of persons for a typical day at the beach such as beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, coolers, small pop-up canopies and game equipment.

We do not issue permits for Central Beach on Saturday and Sunday from May 1st through September 30th. We do not issue permits anywhere during major holidays or holiday weekends. For Centennial Park and beach wedding permit information, view our Private Event Use Policy (PDF).

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