Water Quality Monitoring at Coronado Beaches

The City of Coronado participates in water quality monitoring programs locally and as part of regional, collaborative efforts to improve water quality for the San Diego Bay Watershed and San Diego Bay. Required by the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board in Order R9-2013-0001, a Municipal Permit was established to prevent non-rain water discharges to waterways that might otherwise impact water quality conditions.

Coronado's Goal

A goal of Coronado is continued swimmable waters for recreational use. These uses include swimming, wading, water-skiing, skin and scuba diving, surfing, and fishing. Additional information related to water quality including goals, strategies, and activities can be found in the San Diego Bay Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Our monitoring programs include evaluation of water quality in the receiving waters (e.g., bay, beaches) and storm drain outfalls to these receiving waters. Coronado implements other maintenance including daily street sweeping and storm drain system cleaning, and management programs (residential and construction inspection) to limit non-stormwater runoff and pollutants from entering the storm system and receiving waters. Water sampling outfalls serve as an indicator of program effectiveness.

Regional Water Quality Sampling

Other agencies such as the County of San Diego, the San Diego Unified Port District, the City of San Diego, and the regional Copermittee group conduct water quality sampling of surrounding Coronado waters under various programs and issued Permit requirements. The County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health contracts with the State Water Resources Control Board to perform water quality sampling and to notify the public when water quality standards are not met at recreational beaches.

County Water Closure Updates / General Water Quality Monitoring

The County of San Diego's Beach and Bay Water Quality Monitoring Program coordinates the sampling and posting of signs warning of contaminated water at beaches affected by sewage spills, when monitoring indicates bacteria levels exceed standards, or during other events that may pose a threat to public health. For more information, visit San Diego Beach Information.

See County of San Diego water closure updates and water quality status.

Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory

A water quality advisory is always issued when there is significant rainfall that may cause bacteria levels in ocean waters to increase. Bacteria levels can increase significantly during and after rainstorms, as contaminants within the runoff enter the ocean. Bacteria levels may remain elevated up to 3 days following rain, depending upon the intensity of the rain and the volume of runoff. Elevated bacteria levels in ocean water may cause illness, especially in children and the elderly. The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health recommends that beach users avoid contact with ocean water for a period of 3 days after significant rainfall, especially near flowing storm drains, creeks and rivers. Note, these general advisories are not accompanied by postings at the beaches.

More information about these programs is available in the Program Overview.