Tips for Sewer Maintenance

Roots and grease are the number one cause of sewer spills for both public and private sewer systems. Therefore, everyone has a stake in preventing sewer spills. Performing regular maintenance and practicing good habits will aid in eliminating these spills. For example, the City is dedicated to cleaning the City sewer mains annually. We video inspect the lines and schedule sewer line replacements as a means to continually provide optimal service and capacity.

Homeowners and business owners must share in the responsibility of preventing sewer spills. This can be accomplished by performing annual maintenance on service laterals (either by snaking or hydro-blasting) and by practicing responsible habits.

Good habits include:

  • Never dump cooking grease down the drain. Instead, once the grease has hardened, deposit the grease in a trash receptacle.
  • Never flush non-soluble material down the drain. Examples include feminine hygiene products, food, rags, diaper wipes, etc.
  • Consult with a licensed plumber if experiencing problems with your system. By video inspecting your system, they will be able to determine if there is a line failure or a blockage.
  • Contact Public Services at 619-522-7380 if you suspect something is wrong with the City sewer system. We are glad to help.