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Reservations & Rentals

This exciting bay front facility is located at the south end of Glorietta Bay Park. For rentals, we offer kayaks, stand up paddle boards (SUP) and rowing shells.

You must make a reservation prior to visiting the facility. Please make an online reservationemail the Boathouse, or call 619-522-2655 for more information. For questions about Club Room rentals, please email the Rentals Team or call 619-522-2641.

Note: Equipment is only available during Boathouse hours of operation; advance reservations are required. Preferred equipment may be unavailable.

For children ages 6 through 12, an adult must share the same vessel. For children ages 13 to 17, an adult must be present but may use a different vessel.

For rowing shells, users must demonstrate competence in use of vessels. A Boathouse Rowing Checklist (PDF) must be completed.

Please review the orientation video before renting a vessel for the first time.

Get acquainted with paddleboard safety and Glorietta Bay routes for new and experienced visitors.