Right-of-Way Permits

A Right-of-Way Permit (PDF) is required for all work on public property; for example, repairs to sidewalks, curbs and gutters, driveway aprons, parkways (the area between the sidewalk and the curb), etc; or to place equipment in the public right-of-way, for example, a crane placed in the street to transport materials to a second story. Minor work such as low-level planting and minor maintenance (e.g., replacing a sprinkler head in the parkway) is excluded. If in doubt as to what constitutes "minor work," please call the Public Services and Engineering Department at 619-522-7383.

Right-of-way permits can be issued only to contractors licensed by the State of California for the type of work being performed; the license must be current and in good standing. Contractors must have a current City business license (obtainable from the Administrative Services Get a Business Certificate page) and provide a certificate of insurance with $1,000,000 in general liability coverage. The certificate must list the City of Coronado as an Additional Insured and the Additional Insured Endorsement must be attached to the certificate. (Reference: Coronado Municipal Code 52.10.030.) See the Fee Schedule (PDF)

If you are applying for a right-of-way permit to underground dry utilities (electrical, gas, etc.), please attach a copy of the utility company's right-of-way permit to your City permit application.

If your project will involve digging or excavation, please notify Underground Service Alert (Digalert) at least two working days before starting work. Contact them online or dial 811.

Approved Materials & Methods for Work in the City of Coronado's Public Right-of-Way

The City of Coronado has adopted the "Greenbook" Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, 2018 edition; the San Diego Regional Standard Drawings (SDRSD) 2018 Update; and the City-annotated SDRSD Drawings 2018, as the referenced standard specifications and drawings for public works projects.

These criteria are required to be used for all work in the public right-of-way such as side walks, curbs and gutters, roads, sewers, storm drains, etc.

Note: Building permits are issued by the Community Development Department. See more information about building permits.