Pollution Prevention Guidelines

Coronado's surrounding waters and beaches are its most important asset; as such, the City of Coronado is committed to protecting, maintaining, and enhancing its coastal resources and water quality. In order to protect coastal resources, the City of Coronado has developed a series of educational pamphlets to help provide the general public with informative tips and pollution prevention guidelines. The pamphlets cover a wide range of topics from general housekeeping, and mobile businesses to foodservice and construction activities. The City has both English and Spanish versions available.

View the thumbnails on this page to view and print the pollution prevention guideline. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Services Department at 619-522-7380.

Training Materials English

Brochure Construction
Brochure Community
Brochure Landscaping
Brochure Restaurant
Brochure Mobile Services
Brochure Hazardous Waste Page 1
Brochure Swimmable
Brochure Sewer
Poster Restaurant
Brochure Residential

Materiales de entrenamiento Español

Brochure Construction Spanish
Brochure Community Spanish
Brochure Landscaping Spanish
Brochure Restaurant Spanish
Brochure Mobile Services Spanish
Brochure Hazardous Waste Spanish
Brochure Swimmable Spanish
Brochure Sewer Spanish
Poster Restaurant Spanish
Brochure Residential Spanish