Dock Permits

A dock permit is required for all work on boat docks and related appurtenances (with the exception of painting or replacement of bumpers, cleats or non-utility dock boxes) within the annexed boundaries and waterways of the City of Coronado. An applicant must be a State of California-licensed contractor with an "A" license and the license must be current and in good standing. Contractors must have a current City business license (obtainable from the Administrative Services office Get a Business Certificate page and provide a certificate of insurance with $1,000,000 in general liability coverage. The certificate must list the City of Coronado as an Additional Insured and the Additional Insured Endorsement must be attached to the certificate. (Reference: Coronado Municipal Code 52.10.030). Proof of Dock Workers Longshoreman Insurance must also be submitted. Both the Dock Permit Application Checklist (PDF) and completed Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF) are required for a complete dock permit application submittal. Please email both documents to [email protected].

Before applying for a City dock permit, the applicant must have received approval from the Coronado Cays Architectural and Environmental Control Committee (contact the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association at 619-423-4353 for information). The applicant must also apply for a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)/Coastal Commission permit exemption (contact the City's Community Development Department at 619-522-7326 for information) and an Army Corps of Engineers permit before the City can issue a permit. The fee for dock permits is a sliding scale based on the valuation of the job. See the Fee Schedule (PDF)