Curbside Residential Service

Each residence is provided solid waste and recycling services that include curbside collection of trash, recycling, and organic waste. Collection is provided by EDCO throughout the week and some holidays result in a one-day delay. Please contact the EDCO Customer Service call center at 619-287-7555 or visit EDCO's website to initiate service.

Trash, Recycling & Organics Carts

Gray Carts

EDCO provides each single-family residential customer with a gray cart for weekly trash collection. Please set out trash containers prior to 6:00 a.m. on your service day in your designated collection area on the street with the wheels against the curb or the edge of the roadway. Arrows on the lid should point toward the street.

Green Carts

Recycling organics is easy and convenient with EDCO's commingled organics recycling program. The service allows customers to place food waste, food-soiled paper, yard waste, green waste, and other organic materials in the green cart. Up to two additional green organics carts are available at no extra cost.

Blue Carts

Allows for traditional recyclables such as paper, cardboard, cans, bottles, all rigid plastics, and Styrofoam. Additional blue recycling carts are also available at no extra cost. The quantity and size of your recycling cart do not affect your monthly rate.

View the Frequently Asked Questions, educational videos, and more.

Kitchen Caddies are Available

A kitchen caddie is a designated container specifically for the internal collection of organics in your home. Any reusable container can be used as a kitchen caddie, but EDCO also has an optional free kitchen caddie for your household use. Please visit EDCO Residential Services Organic's page to place an order.

Multi-Family Service

California Assembly Bill AB 341 was enacted July 1, 2012, requiring all California cities to divert a minimum of 75% of waste from landfills by 2020. This law also requires multifamily complexes with 5 units or more to participate in recycling programs. Multi-family complexes are not required to have a food waste diversion program; however, those with 5 or more units generating enough landscape-related organics will be required to recycle their green waste. Multi-family complexes should contact EDCO to initiate organics recycling or, if they have a landscaper, ensure the landscaper is properly recycling the green waste.

SB 1383

SB 1383 requires the City to provide automatic organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses. Residents are required to subscribe to and participate in organics curbside collection service, and to properly sort their organic waste into the correct containers. EDCO has constructed the first state-of-the-art, advanced technology Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Facility in San Diego County, capable of producing renewable natural gas that will serve the needs of the region. Learn more about SB 1383 and organic waste recycling by visiting

"Recycle Right" Newsletter

Recycle RightWith an average of 6 pounds of waste per day generated for each Californian, recycling plays a vital role in helping us reduce our waste and conserve our limited resources.

Approximately 20% of what some residents and businesses put in their recycling bins is not recyclable in the blue bin. By eliminating materials that don't belong (contamination), you'll help ensure recyclables remain valuable, are actually recycled, and do not create a hazard for workers or machinery at the recycling facility.

Stopping contamination begins with knowing how to recycle as well as what to recycle, Read the Recycle Right Newsletter (PDF).

Recycling Right means your items are:

  • Empty. No or very little food residue remaining.
  • Dry. No liquids remaining. Liquids can ruin paper, cardboard and other materials in the recycle bin, making them unrecyclable.
  • Loose. Do not bag your recyclables; place them loose in the recycling bin.