Environmental Review

The California Environmental Quality Act, referred to as CEQA and found in Section 21000 et. seq. of the Public Resource Code of the State of California, together with the State CEQA Guidelines promulgated by the California Office of Planning and Research are intended to enhance the long-term protection of the environment and to encourage public participation in the process. They present objectives, criteria and procedures for the evaluation of projects and the preparation of Categorical Exemptions, Negative Declarations and Environmental Impact Reports.

The Community Development Department is responsible for overseeing compliance with CEQA as it pertains to private and public development projects. The City of Coronado has adopted its own CEQA Guidelines which implement CEQA and the State Guidelines. The Guidelines identify the procedures and processes that are used to determine:

  • If a project is subject to CEQA;
  • The process that is used when a project is subject to CEQA; and
  • The various levels of CEQA analyses that may occur with a development project.