Building Services

Welcome to the City of Coronado's Building Services Division.

The Building Services Division's mission is multi-dimensional. We are here to:

  • Ensure that all structures in Coronado - both commercial and residential - conform with the current construction standards of the State of California Building Codes
  • Ensure that all structures in Coronado - both commercial and residential - conform with the health and safety standards of the State of California Building Codes and
  • Ensure that all citizens of Coronado are provided with the information they need to prepare, submit, and permit plans and documents for their construction projects

Applying for a Building Permit 

To apply for a building permit please visit City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For Building Services related questions, please call 619-522-7331.

Issued Permits

Important Information Regarding Inspection Protocols

The following is the Essential Worker Precautions and Protocol now in force for Community Development:

  • Inspections will continue as needed, but inspections pertaining to life, safety and continued habitancy will be prioritized. Inspections beyond those categories may be subject to postponement. Any request will need to be resubmitted through the standard inspection request protocol.
  • Inspections in occupied homes and commercial job sites must be cleared of occupants with the exception of one chaperone (contractor or owner-builder) to accompany the inspector during inspection.
  • If anyone is observed by the inspector to be ill, the inspector has the ability to postpone the inspections until the ill person has left the area of the inspection.
  • Proper social distancing must be observed with inspectors, and if not, the inspector has the ability to postpone inspection until proper precautions are in place.
  • Masks shall be worn by the inspectors and anyone on the job site must also be wearing a protective mask who is to assist in the inspection or interact with the inspector. Failure to wear protective masks will result in postponement of the inspection.

Community Development would like to thank the residents, builders, consultants and contractors for your cooperation.

Further Information

Please Note: New fees effective on July 1, 2021. The Coronado City Council approved an increase of development-related user fees.

Building Services Forms

Building Handouts

  1. Final Building Paperwork Checklist (PDF)
  2. Handout 1 Water Heater (PDF)
  3. Handout 10 Retaining Walls (PDF)
  4. Handout 102 PV Single Inspection (PDF)
  5. Handout 104 Owner-Builder (PDF)
  6. Handout 106 Special Inspection Program (PDF)
  7. Handout 107 Valuation Declaration (PDF)
  8. Handout 108 Re-roof Certification (PDF)
  9. Handout 109 Hardship Exception (PDF)
  10. Handout 11 Curbs, Cuts, and Driveways (PDF)
  11. Handout 110 Tent Permit (PDF)
  12. Handout 111 Courtesy Notice (PDF)
  13. Handout 112 Fence Construction Certification (PDF)
  14. Handout 12 Sloped Driveways (PDF)
  15. Handout 13 Duplicating Plans (PDF)
  16. Handout 15 Lot and Building Certification (PDF)
  17. Handout 18 Mechanical Equipment (PDF)
  18. Handout 201 Revision Certification (PDF)
  19. Handout 202 Deferred Submittal Certification (PDF)
  20. Handout 203 Electrical Circuit Card (PDF)
  21. Handout 204 Insulation Certification (PDF)
  22. Handout 205 Shores Window Certification (PDF)
  23. Handout 206 Pool and Spa Anti-Entrapment (PDF)
  24. Handout 207 PEX Flushing Certification (PDF)
  25. Handout 208 Off-Site Fabrication (PDF)
  26. Handout 209 Green Code - New Residential (PDF)
  27. Handout 210 Green Code - New Nonresidential (PDF)
  28. Handout 211 Green Code - Nonresidential - Adds and Alts (PDF)
  29. Handout 212 Permit Expiration Notice (PDF)
  30. Handout 213 Cutting, Notching and Boring of Studs (PDF)
  31. Handout 3 Fencing and Zoning (PDF)
  32. Handout 301 Permits Required - Exempted Work (PDF)
  33. Handout 302 Plan Review Process (PDF)
  34. Handout 303 Building Plan Set Requirements (PDF)
  35. Handout 304 Minimum Construction Specifications (PDF)
  36. Handout 305 Intro to CALGreen (PDF)
  37. Handout 306 Minimum CALGreen Construction Specifications (PDF)
  38. Handout 307 Address Assignment 2023
  39. Handout 308 Glass Handrails - Guardrails (PDF)
  40. Handout 309 Residential Electrical Panel (PDF)
  41. Handout 310 CMU Walls (PDF)
  42. Handout 4 Site Plans (PDF)
  43. Handout 5 Curb to Property Line Guideline (PDF)
  44. Handout 8 Pollution Prevention Measures (PDF)