Safe Cycling

Want to give your bicycle every chance of being recovered if it's stolen? Register your bicycle with the Coronado Police Department.

Bicycle Safety Brochures

Looking for information on bike safety, best practices, helmet fit, or how to lock your bike? The City has all you need. Check here to find the brochures online.

Bicycle Maintenance Stations

Bicycle Maintenance StationThe City of Coronado has added a new amenity for bicyclists along the Bayshore Bikeway. Two "Bike Fixtation" bicycle repair stations, which give bicyclists the ability to make quick repairs away from the path of travel, have been installed at strategic locations along the popular Class I bikeway. The idea for the repair stations was based on an initiative of the City's Bicycle Advisory Committee. One is located near Glorietta Boulevard and Fourth Street near the Golf Course. The other is located near Fiddler's Cove. The stations will include a stand to hold a bicycle by the seat post while simple maintenance is performed, as well as basic tools such as a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, and tire levers, and an air pump with a gauge securely attached. The stations are designed to prevent bicycles from locking to them.

Glorietta Bike Work Station

Fiddlers Cove Bike Station