Special Event Permits

Special Event Permit Application

app page 1 Opens in new windowPlease download the attached application to fill out. Applicants may email the completed application to: [email protected]

Special Event Policy Guide

Special Event Policy Guide Final Opens in new windowThe Special Event Policy Guide has been developed to guide you through the City of Coronado's Special Event Permit Process and to provide you with guidelines and requirements associated with special event management in the City of Coronado. This is an important reference guide as you develop your event plans and complete your permit application.

Special Event Information

A special event is defined as any assembly, procession, march, or other activity involving the use of public property as an activity site, including a beach, park, public street, sidewalk, or alley. All special events shall follow the provisions of Section 20.30 of the City Code. Special event permits are subject to date availability and community impact. Permits are not issued for more than one event per weekend, on holidays (except for July Fourth and Veterans’ Day), or during the summer between Memorial Day and Labor Day, with limited exceptions. 

Special events held in Coronado are categorized as major, moderate or minor, based on information provided in the submitted Special Event Permit application. The City of Coronado will issue no more than 14 major special events and 15 moderate special events during any calendar year. 

Letter of IntentPermit ApplicationPermit Application FeeLevel of Approval
MajorAugust 1 of the calendar year prior to the proposed event60 days prior to the event$329City Council
Moderate6 months prior to the proposed event, preferably by the August 1 deadline30 days prior to the event $164City Council
MinorN/A30 days prior to the event$27City Manager

Special Event Permits Issued By Recreation Services

Individuals or groups interested in reserving a City facility or hosting a private event in a park or on the beach are required to obtain a use permit issued by Recreation Services. Click here for more information on permits issued by Recreation Services.

Block Parties

A minor event permit is required for neighborhood block parties. Block Party permit applications will be received and processed by the City Manager’s Office. Applications must be submitted no later than thirty (30) days prior to the event. Block Party permits will only be issued between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., including set-up and tear down. The applicant is required to obtain comprehensive general liability and property damage insurance. Liquor liability coverage is recommended if alcohol will be consumed on private property at the event.

Applicants are responsible for notifying all impacted residents prior to the event. It is recommended that the applicant distribute invitations or flyers and provide a phone number or email for questions or concerns. The invitation or flyer should include the event date, times, activities, impacted streets and notice of amplified sound, if applicable.

Applicants are required to submit an event site map showing the name and location of street(s) being closed, barricade placement, tables, chairs and other set-up items. For the sake of public safety, the submitted site map will undergo City review. A 20-foot emergency lane and a minimum vertical clearance of 13 feet 6 inches must be maintained throughout the block. The applicant is responsible for picking up barricades from the City of Coronado Public Services Department at 101 B Ave., Coronado, CA 92118.

Jumpers, slides and moon bounces are not allowed on residential streets or sidewalks. Bands and DJs are discouraged but may be permitted with special conditions. Additional notification and approval from impacted residents may be required. All use of outdoor music must comply with Section 41.10.010 Property Line Noise Limits of the Coronado Municipal Code. Upon a complaint, the applicant must ensure any sound is turned down to a more acceptable level or eliminated altogether.