Sidewalk Vending

Use of the public right-of-way for the purpose of selling is prohibited without a Sidewalk Vending Operations permit.

Permit Applications

A $205 fee is required with the submission of each new application. Mail completed applications and payment by check to:
Office of the City Manager
City of Coronado
1825 Strand Way, Coronado, CA 92118

Sidewalk Vending Prohibition

Sidewalk Vending is prohibited in the following locations:

  1. Any public beaches, private beaches, beach access ways or bay fronts
  2. Any public property that does not meet the definition of a sidewalk or pathway including, but not limited to, any alley, beach, plaza, street, street end, or parking lot
  3. On Orange Avenue, Glorietta Boulevard, Ocean Boulevard; Coronado Rotary Plaza, Adella Plaza
  4. In Spreckels Park, Glorietta Bay Park, Bayview Park, Coronado Cays Park, Mathewson Park, Star Park, North Cays Park or any additional park space identified within the City's General Plan

Sidewalk vending may be permitted as a part of a Special Event. See information on Special Event permits.