Lifeline Business Loan Program

The Lifeline Business Loan Program closed on July 21, 2020. No new funding applications will be accepted at this time.


The City has prioritized which businesses will be considered for loans, beginning with Tier I businesses.

Tier I businesses are considered to be small and locally owned that generate tax revenue for the City and are located anywhere in Coronado.

Tier I businesses include:

  • Eating and drinking establishments (non-formula)
  • Retail sales (non-formula)
  • Hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts (non-formula/non-corporate owned)
  • Movie and performance theaters

Tier II businesses are those considered to be small, locally owned that generate sales tax revenue for the City, and are permitted on the second floor per the Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan.

Tier II businesses include:

  • Professional offices
  • Real estate offices
  • Personal services
  • Musicians
  • Repair services (appliances, electric, plumbing, etc.)
  • Light assembly (appliances, bicycles, computers, etc.)
  • Light industrial uses; Internet providers and arcades
  • Handyman and trade services (Coronado based)
  • Photocopying/mailbox services
  • Newspaper and publishing
  • Gyms, dance halls, martial arts studios, etc. (non-formula)

Tier III (note, no application date has been set for Tier III classified businesses)

Not considered to be Tier I or Tier II businesses.

  • Formula eating and drinking establishments
  • Formula retail sales
  • Formula/Corporate-owned hotels and resorts
  • Gas and service stations
  • Light manufacturing
  • Medical offices
  • Health care facilities
  • Laboratory

Loan Terms

Loan terms are as follows:

  • $20,000 maximum for each business, defined as a discrete individual storefront
  • A maximum loan term of 5 years
  • 0% interest
  • No loan to collateral percentage

Uses Not Included in the Program

  • Non-Coronado based construction and building services
  • Landscape maintenance and gardening services
  • Home occupations
  • Religious assembly
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Storage facilities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Funeral parlors/mortuaries
  • Handyman and trade services