Fraud, Waste & Abuse

The City of Coronado strives to provide services to the public in an impartial and ethical manner that preserves the public's confidence and trust in government. Read through the City's code of ethics policy (PDF). If you feel an ethical violation has occurred, you can report your concern anonymously by leaving a message on the City's fraud, waste, abuse and conflict of interest hotline at 619-522-2642. It is expected that City employees and/or agents will perform their tasks in an efficient and effective manner. If you have a concern with the performance of any City employee, you are welcome and encouraged to contact the City Manager's Office via email or at 619-522-7335. If you prefer, the City Clerk's Office via email or at 619-522-7320.

Depending on the nature and severity of your complaint, you can also contact the San Diego County District Attorney's Office at 619-531-4040, the California Fair Political Practices Commission at 916-322-5660, or the State of California Office of Attorney General, Public Inquiry Unit at 800-952-5225.