City Manager's Office

Coronado's Mission Statement

Leading our community in partnership and excellence.

The mission of the Office of the City Manager is to effectively and efficiently implement the policies of the City Council and manage the day-to-day operations of the City.

The City Manager is the administrative head of the municipal government under the direction and control of the City Council, responsible for personnel, budget and procurement, and all City operations. The City Manager's Office manages and directs the Capital Improvement Program including major facilities and infrastructure projects. This office maintains communication among the organization, the City Council, and the community. This office is responsible for the coordination and permitting of special events in Coronado.

The City Manager's Office coordinates interagency activities and special projects with the San Diego Unified Port District, Coronado Unified School District, San Diego Association of Governments, Metropolitan Transit System, San Diego County, and the other cities in the region. This office manages the City's legislative program including coordination with state and federal legislators, the City's legislative advocate, and the League of California Cities.

Coronado's City Manager is credentialed by the International City/County Management Association. As a member, she abides by the Association's code of ethics.