Successor Agency

In 1985, the City Council formed the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado, commonly known as the CDA. The creation of the CDA was a cooperative effort between the City of Coronado and the Coronado Unified School District. The two entities established a plan to eliminate blight caused by inadequate public facilities.

The Community Development Plan, which established a Project Area, was adopted by the City Council when the CDA was formed. The Project Area included all privately owned property within the City's limits, encompassing approximately 1,955 acres, but excludes approximately 1,300 acres of state and federally owned property within the City's boundaries.

The City Council assumed the duties and responsibilities of the CDA, serving as board members of the CDA, with the mayor serving as the CDA's Chair.

For 26 years, the CDA was a separate public body, which planned and implemented projects in accordance with the requirements of the State of California's Redevelopment Law.

In 2012, the State Legislature dissolved all redevelopment agencies, including Coronado's CDA. The City elected to become the Successor Agency to the CDA to wrap up projects and administer payments of the CDA's enforceable obligations.

State law requires the establishment of a seven-member Oversight Board to oversee the dissolution of the Community Development Agency of the City of Coronado. The Oversight Board also oversees the distribution of property taxes to pay enforceable obligations of the former redevelopment agency by the Successor Agency.

The City Council conducts business as the Successor Agency at regular City Council meetings, held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.