Skate Park Prices

Annual Waiver
[Mandatory one-time fee per year for first-time skaters and renewals]: $10.00
Daily Admission
[Fee for those who have an up-to-date waiver on file]: $5.00
Skate Pass
[10 skate sessions]: $30.00
Youth Year Pass
[Ages 6-17]: $60.00
Adult Year Pass
[Ages 18-54]: $100.00
Seniors Year Pass
[Ages 55+]: $60.00
Here's how it works...
An annual waiver must be filled out the first time you ever skate at the Coronado Skatepark, and it must be renewed every year. On that day, you get to use safety equipment free of charge, and you get to skate the entire day for the $10.00 fee. When you return, the fee to skate is only $5.00.
There are four different passes available if you prefer not to pay $5.00 everytime you skate. For $30.00, you can get a 10-session Skate Pass. Our yearly passes, which allow you skate whenever you choose for an entire year, are $100.00 for adults and $60.00 for children and seniors.
Equipment Rentals
Helmet, Elbow Pads, and Knee Pads: $1.00 (Total)
Skateboards (Limited amount): $2.00

Snack Bar
Gatorade: $2.00
Water: $1.50
Soda: $1.00
Power Bars: $2.00
Snacks (Candy, chips, cookies, etc.): $0.75